Wednesday, July 27, 2016

This past week and a half has been great! And sooo much has happened!

But first off, we find out about transfers this Saturday... I'm pretty sure I'm leaving but I only 80% want to go.... but you wouldn't believe the miracles that are happening!! the one major miracle is that we got a new ward mission leader! He is so excited and ready to hasten the work which by the way makes the biggest difference!!! He used to be a bishop in the most successful ward for missionary work in our whole mission at the moment and he moved into our ward about 6 months ago and was put into the young mens presidency right away, but Heavenly Father knew we needed him more. :) Then when we went to our ward council last week, our bishop said that he felt like we should put a greater emphasis on missionary work and that he was going to ask the whole ward to fast for it. I just started crying. Oh man, I can't tell you how happy I was!! Soooo grateful!!! So the ward is really starting to pick up and more people have been happier to come out with us. So that is why I kind of want to stay... but I always do seem to leave areas when things start to happen. hahaha but that's alright, I'll go wherever Heavenly Father wants me to go. :)

Another tender mercy we had.. so we were teaching the Talbot family. I think I told you about them, they are a part member family, they have a daughter who is 19 years old, her name is Jacqueline and she has spina bifida and a few other health problems but she is the sweetest thing! So this past week we had a lesson and we were talking about the restoration and baptism was brought up and Sister Talbot set it up perfectly, ha! she asked her if she wanted to be baptized and she said, YEAH! and the spirit was so strong and she asked if she got to wear a whilte dress. We were all tearing up, including her mom! But her husband isn't a member so we will have to wait and see if he approves it or not.. but please pray for her! :)

Funny story this week... Soooo we have been having a really bad cockroach problem and Sister Sweet is terrified of them so naturally I have to kill them all. sooo gross. Some of them have been like 4 inches long. But one morning, Sister Sweet came running out of the bathroom screaming and telling me that there was a cockroach in the shower head that kept sticking its legs down as the water was running. hahahahha so we can't really do anything about it.... so its been up there, still alive and wiggling around for the past few days... hahahah

Also we got to go to the temple today, what a blessing!!!!! I LOVE THE TEMPLE!! It felt soo good to be there and to feel so close to my Heavenly Father. I needed that. :) Especially thinking about how Kyle is leaving so soon and how he had his farewell and everything. I am so excited for him! So give him lots of lovin before he leaves! :) But I love you sooo much!!! And wish me luck for this coming transfer, and hope and pray that I don't go to a islander area and get fat. :)

talk to you on Monday!...

love, Sister Alldredge

                                                               1. us and jacqueline
                    2. Me and sister sweet on the plane to cairns last week.. forgot to send it to you :)

                                                                 3. P-day in cairns
4. Fireside in cairns with William Hopate (famous rugby player in stralia that served in the ABM and doesn't play on sun

         5. Saying goodbye to the Biehler family, (they came and saw me off at the airport. :))
 6. Sis Todd, a sweet lady in NP that returned home from the Oregon Portland mission last October
                                                                  7. Twins for MLC

                                                            8. We love the Clydes!!

                                                      9. Me and Sister Sweet at the Temple!