Thursday, December 31, 2015

Christmas presents from home!

Three Degrees of Glory!

Sister Cashman being Australian

Santa Breanna!

Aunt Dizzy and Aunty May

Too many lollies!

Flat Sisters!

HI FAMILY! sooo sorry i forgot to tell you but we are having p-day today on new years eve instead of last monday because today we have to be in the flat by 5 because of the holiday. so yeah.. but anyways... christmas was sooo fun! It was so different and didn't really feel like Christmas, but I felt so close to my Savior, and thats really what it is all about! :) But i LOVED seeing the pictures of all of the presents that you all made each other, they were so cool! It looked like a fun Christmas! 

We went to the Tou's for breakfast, (my favorite family from the cook islands), and Sister Tou was thanking us for being there and then she starts talking about how our families miss us and stuff and then I just started crying... hahahahaaha! And then when we were about to leave to go skype you at the chapel, i started crying again, i was scared man! hahahah But it was sooo good to see you and hear your voices! I have such a cute family! haha But then we had lunch with the elders and other sisters at part member families home from the other branch, and they were super fancy and had all of these guests that showed up dressed all nice and we showed up in gym shorts and t-shirts because we were planning on playing in the back yard... hahahah so yup, we just playing tennis and basketball and stuff which was soo fun! Except for the humidity... that was killer! Then we went to aunty dezzy's house and chilled for awhile before going to the chapel and having dinner with the luki family and all of their extended family and had a feast with a whole pig and all! except we were already so full from eating that whole day so we tried to eat as much as we could... haha and then to end of the day, we went back to aunty dezzy's and watched the video "He knows my name" the new one that just came out apparently?.. its only about a half an hour long but its soo good! So cute!
 But thats about all i remember from these past couple weeks.... it really has been a blur.. hahahah and it probably doesn't help that i woke up with the flu yesterday so we had to go to the doctors office and then had to stay home for the rest of the day :( I hate not being able to go work but its all good. 

So i will be emailing you all again next monday, so I will try to have a longer and better email then! :) But know how much I love you and i hope you have a great new years! 

love, Sister Alldredge

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Which way? (how either aboriginals or torres strait islanders say how are you) :) Im same way! (doing good) haha they say the weirdest things over here.... haha

well guess what, BEST DAY EVER!! so good news.. i got the 12 days of christmas package on the 11th so just in time!!! ahhh i love it! I have seriously laughed so hard at the clever poems that go along with the little presents! haha I love it. But i hope my package comes to you all in time so kyle will have something to open up on christmas eve.. hahah so dont open the package until then! :) Also i wont be emailing next week because ill be skyping!!! so thats good news! :D I can hardly even believe that i am actually going to see you and hear your voices!!! ahhhhh sooo pumped. 

So, its true.. sis yee got transferred back down to brisbane for her last 2 transfers. soooo sad. and also sister mcmichael (american in our flat) that goes home this transfer got sent down to brisbane as well, along with our zone leader elder tupou. sooo sad! its seriously so different without them! I miss them soo much already! haha but my new companion is named sister cashman! she is an aussie from sydney and is helping me learn to speak with an australian accent. :) haha so thats good news! she is 24 (all my comps have been 24) and is very nice! she seems funny too and she is a hard worker and very obedient. so it will be really good! but she goes home with sister yee so pretty much all of my companions are going to die really soon. sad. haha and sister mewa was supposed to go home the end of this transfer but because of some swollen discs in her back or something, she went home today. but i did get to talk to her on the phone before she left which is really good! I am sure going to miss her and idk when ill see her again :(

But anyways this past week, me and sister yee had a great week to end the transfer! We saw a lot of miracles as we were able to go to yarrabah. We went on splits while we were in yarrabah, so i was with Tara (34 year old who always comes with us) and our branch mission leader. and so we went to brother poas friends house but he said he didn't want us to teach him a lesson, so we tried to go to other places but no one was home, so finally after about an hour, bro poa had to go to the bathroom, so we decided to go back to his friends place and when we got there, we met his partner and they decided to let us come in and share a message with them because no one else was home. we ended up leaving a book of mormon with them and he was really excited about reading it and for us to come back! so that was a miracle! 

So we had a christmas party/ secret santa with the sisters on sunday night before they left. it was so fun! we each did a talent, mcmichael sang because she had an angel voice, atu'ake did a hula dance, i lip sang to mcmichael singing, and sis yee did a somersault. hahaha it was so fun! and for my present i got that piggy bank and a crown and fake lips. so thats cool. ahhaha I sure do miss them!

well sorry, this email is all over the place, but just know how much i love you!!! sooo much! and I will see you all next week! wooot wooot! so make sure you pick up the call when i am calling you on skype. haha have a great week!

love, Breanna

ps. i hit my 6 month mark on thursday.... what the?! time flies! 
1st Day of Christmas

2nd Day of Christmas

3rd Day of Christmas!

12 Days of Christmas! Hopefully she can keep from opening them all at once!

Saying goodbye at the airport to 3 of the 4 in the picture

Goodbye to sweet Sister Yee

Secret Santa the night before the two on the ends are transferred

Breanna's new companion Sister Cashman from Sydney, Australia.  She will really be working on her accent!

Monday, December 7, 2015

Ni Hao everyone!!!! (this is probably the last time i will be able to say that.... sis yee will 90% probs be transferred by next week) Soooo this past week was so hard. Like the hardest week in my mission so far for sure, but man, I am sure excited for this coming week! I know its gonna be good! :) But this past week, we had super high goals and every day we felt so good and excited about the work we were going to do, but everyday it was a struggle. literally no one was ever home. ahahaha love that! haha But its ok because we received so many blessings in exchange for the somewhat discouraging week!

One blessing I received was that I finally got the package from the fam haha :) and also a huge blessing.... So we were teaching Geoffrey, (investigator aussie man whose wife of only a couple months died suddenly this past june due to unknown causes) and he always talks about her and is having a really hard time feeling at peace and things because he doesn't know how his wife died. But we had a great lesson and the spirit was really strong and he said he was thinking about baptism and things and that he knows the church is true, and so at the end of the lesson we asked him to say the closing prayer. He said no at first but as we asked him what was stopping him from praying and helped him understand more, he said one of the most heart felt prayers i have ever heard. The spirit was sooo strong! I know he felt it. But that was our big miracle for the week!

So update on Zonny, the little boy who got hit by the car, he is back to his crazy hyper self! haha he went home last tuesday and got his stitches out in his ear and head and he has scars and things all over his body, but he came to church on sunday and was running around and doing great! So that was a miracle! 

Also funny story... So last friday, me and sister yee were really feeling the stress and were pretty discouraged from the week and so we were talking, (and crying :)) outside of our investigator, Song's house before our appointment. And as we were talking, we see Song walking up the hill, and so we are like, Oh no, how are we going to explain us crying... so as she comes up the hill, sis yee rolls down the window and starts talking to her in chinese and then after a minute, she turns to me and asks me how old Molly was...(investigator who passed away last week) and so i was kind of confused but then after telling her Molly's age, I realized that she had told Song that we were crying because our investigator had just died. oh man, i was laughing so hard! haha

but don't worry, we had a great ending to the week! We had at least 10 nonmembers at church and then today we drove up to Port Douglas with the elders, so its been fun! But Port Douglas was so beautiful! The drive all the way up there was right on the coast of the beach, sooo beautiful! But I am so excited for this coming week and I know that great things are going to happen! And I know that there is no need to get discouraged now, and getting discouraged is a very selfish thing, so I am working on that :) Also we find out this saturday who is getting transferred and so that means that we will have p-day on tuesday next week which is the start of the new transfer, so wish me luck! haha 

LOVE YOU!!! have the best week ever! and go play in the snow for me! :)

love, Sister Alldredge

1. us and zonny at the hospital 
2. port douglas
3. port douglas

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

What up? dude, can you believe that its already almost december and that we find out if we get transferred next saturday?! ahhh no! sis yee will probably go down and ive been trying not to cry when i think about her leaving me... hahaha i wish we could just be companions for the rest of my mission, but hey, its all good. :) But this past week was so fun! 

last monday we had a region meeting with the sisters and since we are up north, we got to skype everyone down in brisbane and watch them have a party.. hhaha but it was good! and i got to see sister mewa!! oh man, i miss her! and she goes home next transfer, so thats super crazy.. 

Also this past week, a recent convert Agnes, from the torres strait islands, came out with us. And after we visited a couple people, we dropped her off at the school so she could ride the bus back with her kids. Then later that day, we were having dinner at a members home. And this member is apart of the Luki family in cairns. (Pretty much their whole family makes up our branch and the other cairns branch) So as we were having dinner, more of their cousins and family members kept coming, so we were all having fun with this big group and then our branch president who is also a Luki came, and he told us that Agnes's son had been hit by a car earlier in the day and that he was in the emergency room and was in critical condition. Me and sister yee were in shock because we had dropped her off earlier that day. but we didn't want to just leave without sharing a message so we tried our best to focus as we showed them a mormon message and things, but after we did that, we booked it out of there and drove to the hospital. When we got there, we ran in and got permission to go back and see them. And Agnes was being very strong. But the little boy who was 6 years old, named Zonny, was lying on the bed and his left eye was soo black and swollen shut. He was all scraped from road rash over his face and body and his ear was split. Apparently he had been playing outside of his house and he ran out in the road right as a car was coming down the hill going about 50 or 60 km/h. (idk what that is in mph) But He is doing much better now and luckily he didn't have any broken bones or internal bleeding or anything. It was a miracle! But it sure scared us! 

Also this week we got to drive down to Innisfail (over an hour south of cairns) for a combined district variety show. So pretty much the 4 branches all came up with a skit, a fun song, a cultural song, and a spiritual song. It was so fun! And it was cool to travel a little bit, Australia sure is beautiful! 

But i just got cut short cuz the elders need to get on, but just know how much i love you all!!! And i hope you have a great week!!!!! LOVE YOU!!!

love, Sister Alldredge
Some of her favorite members of the Branch!

Beautiful Goldsborough with Sister Yee

Snake Charmer!