Monday, July 18, 2016


So yup, i'm in cairns right now!!! sadly i have to leave tonight. :( but it has been sooo much fun being here and seeing everyone again! you should have seen their faces.. hahahhaha. On friday night when we got here, they were having a dinner with the relief society, score! so i got to see all of them, it felt like going home! Plus this weather is soo warm. ha! winter.. please, i was still sweating outside one day. haha but we got to have dinner with the Biehlers on saturday which was so fun! we played 'dont eat the prophet' (dont eat pete i think thats what we called it at home), with them and it was so fun! hahhaha, and they were all fighting over who got to sit by me and stuff. :) The the next day, Aunty Dessy, the best and most generous women on the planet, brought me all of that stuff on the 2nd pic to me as a going home and going away present. she is so sweet! i sure have missed her! Then when i went to church and saw everyone, people were like running up to me and even Brother Sr. Luki said i dont care about the rule and just hugged me... hahah and then he apologized to sister sweet. hahahah Then everyone kept telling me i need to move back here. There really is just nothing like the Cairns family branch. And you will probably never hear the end of it from me. :) haha I also got to see Neals Biehler (the dad) pass the sacrament! and He is now in the young mens presidency!! I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!!!!!! you should just see the Biehler family now! Their countenance is changed and they are soo happy! I am soo grateful for this gospel!!! But i don't have much time today.. sorry bout that. :) but know i love you!!!! and i know kyle will do an awesome job on his farewell talk!!! everyone give him a big hug from me please. :) i know he will love it! ;) hahaha 

love, Sister Alldredge

ps i have temple pday next week!!!!! hallelujah! so that means i wont be emailing until wednesday, so ill talk to you then!!!! 

Cairns for Splits!
Aunty Dessy

Presents from Aunty Dessy!

Dinner at the Biehlers with the girls and Spikey!

Little baby Titus that wasn't born yet when I left Cairns

Love this family!

Me and Larina. Ahh, she makes me soo happy!

The Morrisons. Still the best!!!! hahahaha

Last day together