Monday, August 31, 2015

So this past week was sooo good! Me and sister mewa were really trying to work as hard as we could and it definietly paid off! WE SET OUR FIRST BAPTISMAL DATE!!!!!! wooooooooh!!!!!!!!! so we met this guy named Bruce last week when we were talking to people at Bribie Island and he took our card and acted pretty interested and then he called us to see when we could come see him!! so we went and saw him and we set a baptismal date for september 19th on the first lesson! There are people everywhere prepared to hear about the gospel, we just have to find them! What a miracle!

Also next week is temple p-day! woooooooh! so i wont be emailing until wednesday, just so yall know! im sooo excited to go to the temple! it is such a blessing to be able to go every transfer! But guess what that means... its almost end of transfers.. soooo scary! i don't want to leave centenary lakes or sister mewa! i wish i could just take sister mewa with me wherever i go for the rest of my mission!!! but we will see what happens :)

Also some funny things about australia.... so they have a seperate room for the toilet and then the sink and the shower and stuff are in their own room. Also the toilet has 2 buttons that you can push, one is for a half a flush and one is for a full flush, crazy huh? also everyone has stickers on their doors that say "do not knock" so that makes it super fun we were are door knocking! :) Also i have been able to try passionfruit, taro (a purple potato thing), chopped sui (noodles and meat and stuff), corned beef and cabbage, milo, meat pies, custard and fruit, and everyone calls fries= chips, cookies=biscuits, lollies= candy. so yeah, thats some fun things about australia!

But i hope you all have a great week! and i will talk to you next wednesday! LOVE YOUS!

-Sister Alldredge

Monday, August 24, 2015

hello loved ones :) i hope yall have had a good week! oh and guess what, i FINALLY got all of your letters!!!!! and they made me soooo happy! So thank you sooo much family and extended family for taking the time to write those at the family reunion! There is nothing better then getting mail! :) but we also have to wait until the zone leaders collect it from the mission office which isn't until transfers or if we have big zone conferences so it won't be too often that i get mail! but here is a aussie accent lesson for you.... try to say corn flakes but don't say the r and say flakes with a really wide mouth... its so hard! hahahah i struggle with the accent but ill get it eventually :) 

I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!!! some days i just sit there as im teaching or door knocking and i just think to myself, wow, i just love being a missionary. there is no where else i would rather be right now! i know i say that like every week but its so true! and also i know you all thought i would just cry and complain and be depressed all the time but its pretty much the opposite, i have been soooooo blessed! The atonement is real people! It is amazing! Even though you may think you can never change and it would be too hard to try and stop doing something right away, i tell you its not! The atonement enables us to change and become better and i don't know if you all will recognize me when i get home! jokes, im still crazy and spazy, just a little more patient and positive then i used to be, at least most of the time ;) 

So i know i have told you about the push for 120 baptisms and that goal is in our reach!!!! we have had 55 baptisms so far in august and we have 84 planned for this saturday, isn't that crazy?! and i know that every single one of those people can be baptized this saturday as long as we do our part to make sure they are continuing to progress and if we pray and work as hard as we can! As a mission we have also been asked to make sacrifices so that we can make our goal happen! me and sister mewa have decided to give up our lunch break and just eat on the road which is kind of hard to not have that break but it is sooo worth it if all of those 84 souls are able to make that covenant with heavenly father and be baptized this saturday!!! so please please please pray that we will be able to reach our goal of 120 convert baptisms! But this last week was crazy busy! we were trying to talk to as many people as we could and teach as much as we could and so we had a goal of talking to 175 people for the week and we ended up getting 236! we just hope and pray that we were able to plant a seed in each and every one of those! Also a story about one of our investigators..... well it has been hard lately because none of our investigators are really progressing, but we do have this one investigator named matt. we found him door knocking and he opened the door and he was this super big guy with a a big belly and tatoos and he wasn't wearing a shirt so we were really intimidated by him! but he was interested and we taught him the whole first lesson right there and we have been going back every week! but the first week we came back he had read a couple chapters from the book of mormon when we had only assigned him the introduction! so that was awesome! and he has so many questions about it but its funny because he picks out the most random things out of the book of mormon instead of like the gold nuggets that you usually would but its been really good! and he says he will never go to church but we will get him there! :) even though he is really intimidating he is really nice and thoughtful so don't worry! :)

So funny story... last week our zone leaders were wanting to get their hair cut so this elder volunteers but then i found out that he had never cut hair before so we were watching him cut elder tarati's hair and he totally took a chunk out of the side.. ahh man! so then i was telling him what to do until they finally told me just to do it! :) hahaha so it turned out alright! and then the other zone leader had me cut his hair so now im pretty much the designated hair cutter, cool huh :) haha 

Also we cleaned out Nadjas house this last week (the one that we cleaned out her storage container) and we were moving this big couch to clean stuff under neath it and as we moved it i saw a dead mouse and there were maggots everywhere! i seriously thought i was going to die! and then nadja told me to get down there and pick them up and i thought that was really funny cuz there was nooo way i was getting anywhere near those things!! so sister mewa saved the day and went and cleaned them all up. ahh so nasty! also another funny story with sister mewa, we were going to visit this house and they weren't there and so i saw this huge spider (the one below) and i wan'ted to take a picture to show you so i asked sister mewa to take it cuz i was too scared to get close to it, so she walks right up to it and puts the camera like 2 inches away from the spider! i thought it was going to jump on her hand! but as she was coming back to give me the camera she walked through another huge spider web and so i screamed and she jumped and knocked this branch off of the tree.. ahh man it was so funny! sister mewa is crazy! hahahah 

well i love you all! have a great week and thank you for all of your prayers! i can sure feel them helping me every day! 

te aroha! 

-Sister Alldredge 

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

happy 2 month mark to me! wahoo, ive made it 2 months today! I think this year in a half is going to fly by.... ahhh! But really, i can't believe august is almost over! and school is starting this week... where did that come from!? So crazy! Kyle is going to be a senior, Amber is going to be in high school, Marissa in junior high, and Mandi is going to be one of the oldest in elementary school! ahh, stop growing up!!!! ;) haha jokes, i hope you kids all have a ton of fun! and set a good example to your friends and be friends to everyone and be a missionary!!! but i know you all already do that :) 

 Well guess what... im not the youngest in the mission anymore! there are newer and fresher missionaries that came in so that makes me feel good, haha! also my companion Sister Grawrock got her visa so she is here now! idk where, but im excited to see her! Also this last week, they asked me to do the training in district meeting on the importance of preach my gospel, so i have it all planned out and i go up and start teaching and all of a sudden, i just start crying! ok, i know thats hard to believe, but i have only cried like 1 time since being on my mission, so im pretty sure ive been holding it all back and it decided to all come at as i was giving my training.... oh man.. hahah but its ok because our district is really close so they all just laughed at me, haha but it went alright after that :)

So i told you awhile about a lady that i had just randomly felt like we should knock on her door and she let us in and invited us back... well we went and visited her again last week and man, i LOVE her and her family! they are so sweet! she has 3 little girls elyliah, amelia, and sasha and they are the cutest and they told us we are apart of their family now :) but we are really hoping that she will accept the gospel because she is soo ready and prepared for it! i can tell!!! but the amber, marissa, and mandi.. you should email the little girls! i will send you their email! They would love that! 

So funny story.... the other day i was studying or something before bed, and sister mewa had gone upstairs to get ready for bed like 15 minutes before so i walk upstairs to go get my journal by my bed and she runs in the room and she had braided like half her head in corn rows! and i screamed because i thought she had shaved her head at first, but man! it was the funniest thing ever! ill send yall a pic of her hair! hahahaha but she is amazing at it and can put her whole head in corn rows! its so sweet!!! 

Also on saturday, we were helping a less active clean out her house and storage container she had in the back (this is the lady that hoards EVERYTHING) and i seriously thought i was going to die.... the elders came and helped too but we had to pull everything out of this huge storage thing and organize it all and throw stuff away, but there was soooo much random crap in there that was proabably a hundred years old and there were huge spiders and ginormous cockroaches everywhere... sooo nasty! but we were able to get that all cleaned out and next week we are going back to clean out more of the inside, i will have to take a picture and show you the inside... you wouldn't believe it! there is stuff stacked everywhere all over except a small pathway leading to the bedrooms and kitchen. and they have 2 nasty dogs that they don't wash and they shed and so they just sweep everything to the side of the path way. its really bad... but its good that she is letting us help her clean it out! 

Well i love you allll! good luck with school kids!!!!! and don't forget to be missionaries! cuz thats what all the cool kids are doing ;) LOVE YOU!!!!! 

love, Sister Alldredge 

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

FAMILY! oh wow, i feel like it has been forever since i've talked to you! ha! but guess what.... i get to stay in centenary lakes with sister mewa another transfer!!!! hallelujah!!!! we were so relieved when they told us! but man, it was soooo intense.... it was like 10 pm sunday night and we were having a conference call over the phone, and they went through each companionship and said who was staying and who was going and when they said we were both staying, we were screaming because we were so happy!!!!!!! ahhh! we have started so many things here and started teaching so many good investigators so we really didn't want to leave in the middle of it!

but this past week has been crazy! we taught a ton of lessons and talked to a ton of people! mission life is so busy! like on saturday of last week we only had like 30 contacts because we hadn't gone out finding that much so pretty much all of saturday we contacted people around the library and knocked doors and we talked to like 80 people about the gospel... but it was probably one of the funnest days ever! me and sister mewa get along so good, and now we just laugh and have fun all the time! like the other day, we were in beachmere(the picture below) and i was talking to this old couple and then i look over at sister mewa and she had slid down the rocks and her boots were covered in the water! ahhahahah i was laughing so hard as she was trying to climb back up the rocks! soo funny! and then like 10 minutes after that we were driving to a members house and we saw a peacock on the side of the road so i got out to take a picture and sis mewa ended up taking a video of me chasing it and then almost tripping, ill see if i can send it to yall. :) 

So pretty much everyone makes fun / points out my hard american accent. apparently it has to do with saying your r's really hard or something, idk :) but ill pick up the australian accent sooner or later! 

so we found a couple families this week while knocking doors and contacting which i am sooo excited about!!! and also our investigator kelvin, the ex jehovahs witness who knows everything, came to church!! which was sooo good! but when we saw him last week and asked him about the book of mormon he said that it was inspired like the bible was, it was like a shot to the heart but he said he will continue to read it and to pray to know if it is true!!! 

Well i love you all soooo much! and i pray for you and i can feel your prayers! I love this gospel and i love this work that i am able to be apart of! LOVE YOUS!!!!!!! (aussie's always say yous :))

love, Sister Alldredge

new fav scripture: Alma 26:12

Monday, August 3, 2015

well i don't have too much to tell you guys this week because we just emailed on Wednesday but I just love these beautiful days in Australia! the sunsets are unbelievable and the moon is so huge.. you can see the craters in it and some days I feel like it is as big as the sun! its so beautiful! Also I saw like 6 live kangaroos hopping around this week! craziest thing ever!  

So heaps of miracles have been happening all over our mission as we are striving for the 120 baptisms! This week we had an investigator who is very very very knowledgable about the bible (used to be a jehovahs witness) and he was asking a ton of questions, which would usually be super intimidating but because the spirit was there, me and my companion were able to answer all of his questions with confidence and we were able to help him see why we have the book of Mormon and why we need it. he loves the bible and didn't understand why they would add to the scriptures. but as we were teaching him in the middle of the lesson he just says, if I come to know the book of Mormon is true, I will be baptized and become a Mormon. it was awesome!!! I love teaching and being a missionary!!!! its the best! also he said it would take him a while but I know that if he reads and prays with real intent he will receive an answer!!!

So next sunday we find out if we are going to be transferred or not... ahh man I am nervous! so that means that p-day will be Tuesday! or Monday for you guys, so I will email you then!

well I got to go! crazy busy day I have had today! but we got to go to a trampoline place and to Costco for lunch as a zone. it was sooo fun!!! I love my zone!! and it was so fun to tumble again! well...

-Sister Alldredge