Wednesday, August 3, 2016

KYLE!!!! i can't believe he is leaving like, tomorrow!!! AAAHHHHH!!!! LOVE YOU SOO MUCH BUD!!!!! Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY PARKER!!!!!!!!! sorry i forgot last week...but hopefully you got my letter because that will make up for it. :) haha 

Hello family!!! So yup, you guessed it! I got transferred!! I am now in Marsden in the Logan Zone on the southside of Brisbane, and i am follow up training Sister Lilo (who is samoan and she is from sydney). But she is serisously soo cute and so excited to work! I guess she had a tough 1st transfer because of her trainer who is going home but I am so excited to be her companion! Its a dream come true! Just what i wanted! And apparently the ward is all islanders... so me= palangi (white person). anyways, my new address is at a super flash flat... its so nice. the address is 48/29 Juers Street, Kingston, QLD 4114. look it up. :) I have my own super nice bathroom and everything! and we have a nice view from our balcony on the top floor, its great! :)

So this past week was pretty bitter sweet. Sooooo many amazing miracles happened that made me kind of not want to leave north pine but i can't wait to start meeting new people! :) But one miracle we had was when a member called us last week and told us that her wanted to take the lessons with us. She had gone to school with the member and Katie, her friend, is dating a member as well. So the first time we taught her, the lesson went so well! The spirit was so strong and you could see how prepared she was! Then when we went home, she texted us asking if we could teach her the next day as well, so we went back the next day and taught her the next lesson and she, again, was so accepting and excited to learn more!! So i can't wait to hear when she will be baptized, because i know she will!

But i have the coolest story to tell you.... so there is this less active older man named Shaun, and he is a pretty interesting guy...... just to show you a bit what he is like, he wrote me a goodbye not telling me that they will always love me more than Bill Clinton and that he hopes the first female President, Hilary Clinton, will meet me and welcome me at the airport when i get home... hahahhaahahah but anyways, this past week he said that he was going somewhere and saw a purse just laying on the ground. It was a very expensive purse and as he looked through it, it had over a thousand dollars in cash and $2000 worth of gift cards. Someone must have accidentally lost it but he didn't know where to take it so someone could retrieve it. So after looking through the purse, he found a ladies name and address and so he packaged it up and sent it to her without a return address or his name or anything, just a note saying that if he ever lost anything, that he hoped someone would do the same. then he wrote 'LDS' in the middle of the picture of the outline of austrailia on the stamp and sent it to her. Then a couple days after that, he went down to the bus station near his home, and he say 5 or 6 signs hung up everywhere that said "Thank you LDS." HOW COOL IS THAT?! so today as we were driving to kangaroo point to get my companion, we got an impression to call him and ask him for the address so the missionaries can stop by and knock on her door, because she probably has no idea what LDS means! So lets hope and pray that that all works out. :)  

Anyways, I will keep you updated on stories and those we are going to be teaching in Marsden, and i will send you a picture of me and Sister Lilo next week!

LOVE YOU!!!!!!! AND GOOD LUCK KYLE!!!!!!!!!!

love, Sister Alldredge 

                                                        1. whats left of the cairns district
                                              2.  goodbye to the beautiful Pelesasa family
                                                  3. Jr and Brynee, sure love this family!
                                                                    4. Rea family
                                    5. Ortega's and a scrapbook that Sister Ortega made me!
                                                                      6. kolo family

                                                        7. Katie, our miracle for the week

Last week at the Temple

                                            Some left over clothes we found when we were cleaning :)

                                  Kia, the most solid investigator I have ever met!!  She will do amazing things!!