Sunday, July 10, 2016

Wow. let me just tell you about our crazy week. hahaha

Monday: we still had the mini missionaries and we had to go to the doctors to check the results for Sister Sweet's CT scan, but good news! All is well! :) I cant remember if I told you but she had the car accident at the beginning of her mission and so her back has been hurting her but they said she just needs to strengthen up her muscles.

Tuesday: the mini missionaries had to leave :( so sad. It was crazy to think that they are the same age as Amber... I think its going to be a shock coming home and the little girls aren't going to be so little any more.... Then when we were on splits with the minis, sister Sweet and Sister Pearse followed up a potential and set a baptism date with her the first lesson! They said it was an amazing lesson and Kamla (lady from Fiji) was crying and said that she knew it was true. So that's awesome!!

Wednesday: we had to go to the mission office to get something and we got to meet President McSwain!!! Then we went to the mission home and had a STL meeting with Sister McSwain... I LOVE THE MCSWAINS SOOOOO MUCH. I thought it would be so hard to get a new mission president and so different, which it is, but it is a good different! They are seriously soo chill and relaxed and so genuine and you can just feel so much love from them! It is a big change from President and Sister Henderson's super intense, give every little ounce of energy you have. But I do miss them too! Then we picked up the Gladstone sisters from the airport.

Thursday: took Sister Rangthang (sister Grawrock's golden) to the city for their golden orientation and then travelled back to our area to work for the day. Lots and lots of driving this week! but it was fun with sister Grawrock! And we had a miracle street that we went finidng on and found 5 potentials all on the same street in less than an hour! finding by the spirit is key and works miracles!

Friday: me and sister sweet woke up feeling sick with a sore throat and cold. but we had to take Sister Grawrock back to the city so she could be there for the 2nd half of golden orientation. So we weekly planned at the chapel next to the temple and then when we were freezing inside, we came outside to stand by the temple in the sun for a bit and a family, that I knew was American, came up to us and we were talking to them and they were from Arizona. they said they were here because their daughter was on BYU cheer and they were performing in the gold coast. And then one older couple said that they had just finished a stay a home mission in Arizona and apparently they served in the same mission with Jessica Purdy! So they totally knew her! so cool! Then me and Sister Sweet fought through the sickness because we had some appointments at night.

Saturday: we woke up even more sick and had to stay in bed. Then sister Sweet noticed a bite on the back of her leg, so after talking to the mission doctor, we had to go to the emergency room to make sure everything was ok. then we came home and rested some more. hahah

hahah so yup, that was our crazy crazy week! It was a good week, and we were grateful for the things we were able to get done, with Heavenly Father's help. We couldn't do it without him!!

And the best news of all............... WE FOUND OUT THAT WE ARE GOING ON TRADEOFFS TO CAIRNS THIS WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we leave Friday night and stay there until Monday night. So we get to be there for a few work days, including sunday and p-day!!! I can't waittt!! just please pray that we will get better soon so we can go up there and work as hard as we can!!!! :)

Love you sooo much and have a great week!!!!

love, Sister Alldredge
Our cute mini missionaries gave us cute presents! 
STL meeting with Sister McSwain
Sister Grawrock came for tradeoffs
When we got sick and our favorite cute Chilean couple in the ward made us yummy healthy soup and stuff.

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