Monday, October 24, 2016

How ya going fam? Man, these months just keep flying by faster and faster! But, I bet you are all dying to know whats going on with transfers.... well i am staying in marsden!!! woooooooh. But sister costa, as well as the other marsden sisters that were living with us all got transferred. it was a big shock! But I am very excited. My new companion is Sister Galang, and they are making marsden an STL area, so I am going to be a sister training leader again. I am really excited to be with my companion! She is a hard worker and is soo fun and happy and is soo kind and thoughtful. I got to go on tradeoffs with her at the beginning of her mission in gladstone for a week, so i know her pretty well. She is from Quezon City, Philippines, and she has 8 kids in her family and has been out for about 9 months. So i will be going on tradeoffs again and things, so it will be a busy transfer......

This past week was really good, I will miss my dear sister Costa. But i know this will be really good for her to have a different follow up trainer to show her a different way of doing things. But this past week we really worked hard and we did lots of service; mowing lawns, weeding, cleaning someones house... and we did lots of door knocking! my favorite :) But the highlight of the week happened last night.. Elder Nealson in the pacific area presidency came and spoke to us last night. It was soo good! The spirit was sooo strong and he was going around and asking about favorite book of mormon scriptures and why.. and Sister Costa raised her hand, and just some background.. this transfer has been pretty tough. I tried my best to really help her and show her my love for her, but it wasn't until this past week or 2 that she finally opened up and talked to me about things I was doing that bothered her and the way that she was feeling toward the mission and everything. There were changes that we both needed to make but how humbling it was to recognize those things that I need to change to become more Christlike. I was very grateful for that. But when she raised her hand to share her scripture, she shared Alma 17:10-11 and said that this reminded her of me. And it wasn't until she had read this scripture that she finally was able to see me as Heavenly Father sees me, and to really love me. It totally made me cry when she said that. hah :) But it was a tender mercy to be able to hear those words and to know that. And saying goodbye to her this morning was hard.. she was crying quite a bit, but i know she will do great! and her new companion is shorter than me as well! hahah 

Well i love you all! Please keep praying for me, and that we will be able to witness many many miracles this week! LOVE YOU!!

love, Sister Alldredge

Flat Mates
Flat Mates - Australia Brisbane Mission

Snack time.  Sister Costa = Ice cream; Me = Carrots

The ugliest cat I've ever seen.  And Sister Costa thought it was so beautiful. Yuck

Flat Mates.  I will miss them

Cutest kids around

Mission Life = :D

The Taylors :)

Love Kristy!

Church yesterday

Me and Sister Galang, my new companion :)

Monday, October 17, 2016


I cannot believe that it is already week 6 of the transfer... this transfer has gone wayy too fast!! so that means we will be finding out about transfers this saturday.. im really nervous....... so please pray for me and for my mission president that he will be able to follow the spirit in knowing what i should do. But no matter what happens, i want you all to know that I will give everything that I absolutely can. I will sprint to the finish and i will come home exhausted. But I dont need to focus on that now. :)

Well this past week we had interviews with the mission president. I just love talking to President and his wife!! When sis Costa was in her interview, I got to talk to Sister McSwain. I have gotten really close with her, and she told me that she almost started crying when she thought about me going home soon. She is soo sweet and is soo genuine, she reminds me of mom a lot. Also one thing that I loved that the APs told us in their training was, "the comforter cannot give you comfort when you are in your comfort zone ." I loved that! Because it is soo true. I have really learned that in missionary work, at times when I really want to work on a certain attribute or something, and I pray for a trial to help me to acquire it, I have gotten what i asked for. ha But I know that God is there to help me through the whole thing, and that he wants more than anything for me to acquire those attributes i want to have so i can be more Christlike. And times i think, I need to suffer through this alone so i can make those changes, when in reality, the only way I will change, is if I rely on the atonement.

also this past week, we were able to show the Taylor family a conference talk because they didn't come to conference. We showed them the one by Ronald A. Rasband, and it was amazing the spirit that was brought into their home and how we didn't need to do any of the teaching. We watching the video, and then Kristy and Jayd both told us of the promptings they had received, and the feelings they felt. That was a major tender mercy that we were blessed to witness this past week.

It was also the primary program!!!! aaahhhh! Let me tell you.... those samoan kids can sing! hahah they jazz up all of the primary songs with their sassy voices. Ha! so crack up. But another huge miracle was that a less active member that we have been working with came to church with her daughter!! She told us this past week when we saw her that she has really had a lot of trials come her way since we started visiting her, but also a lot of good things as well. But when i turned and saw that she was walking into the church with her daughter, the sweetest feeling of joy came to my heart! And then when we were sitting in sacrament meeting, i felt prompted to hand her my scritpures during the sacrament, and she started tearing up when she was reading so i hope and pray that she received an answer to prayer!! then as we were sitting there, we both looked at her, and with tears in her eyes, she mouthed, "thank you." These moments make everything worth it. I absolutely love being a missionary.

But I love you all soo much. And i hope you have a great week! It starting to get warmer here.

Sister Alldredge

Flat Sisters

Pizza the young women made for us :)

The Zone

Sisters in the Zone

Sister Costa & Sister Alldredge

Pretty tree

Monday, October 10, 2016

Wow, this week flew by thanks to general conference.. On saturday our sessions started at 1 and 3:30 and then they let us stay for priesthood session , so we were there all day! And then sunday we had the sessions in the morning and then the womens session at 5 pm. It was such a boost and a blessing to be able to watch conference, and i'm sad that it is over, but now comes the best part.. being able to go back over and keep studying and receiving revelation! :) There were so many talks and things that stuck out to me, especially the ones about missionary work and member involvement, but my favorites were probably President Uchtdorf's in the womens and priesthood sessions.

Also last week we had tradeoffs, and Sister Evans came with me. I think this is our 4th or 5th tradeoff together.. I love her soo much! I was her STL for her first tradeoff in the mission, so its been great to learn from her over the mission. She is a powerful missionary and is intune with the spirit more than any missionary i know.

But i'm sorry this is short.. not too much happened this week and im running out of time.. But know i love you and I will make sure to let you know more about how our investigators are doing next week and any miracles we saw.


Love, Sister Alldredge
Some Trainers and Goldens

P-Day field trip

P-Day Nerf gun war

Trade offs with Sister Evans

Our brand new car!

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

How ya going? I bet you are all doing great because you got to watch general conference!!!! NOT FAIR!!!! i can't wait for this weekend!.... sorry i forgot to tell you that we had p-day on tuesday this week because yesterday was a holiday... so please forgive me :)

But i'm glad that Daddy's surgery went well and that he is up and walking around like he usual is after big surgeries. haha But this week was pretty great!

One thing that we did this week was lots of service! We helped the family that the two kids, Temanawa and Marley, that were baptized a month or two ago, because their mom plays grid iron (american football with the pads and all) and one of the opponents was illegally wearing metal cleats and when she tackled her, the cleat went into her arm and completely torn through her tendons and muscle down to the bone. So with her 7 kids to look after, and her recovery from surgery and everything, she was beat! So we have gone over a few times in the past week and cleaned their entire house, a few times for them. :) haha Yesterday I completely cleaned out their pantry and reorganized it... but you should have seen it before... there was dried food all over and everything was just shoved in the pantry, so it was much better when we got done. I also have realized how much a love to clean and that i am always cleaning up after everyone in the flat.. hahaha but i don't mind. :) a clean house= a house of order= a house of God, and I need the spirit to be there for us to succeed!

Also we had golden orientation for the goldens, and the first day that Sister Costa was there, i got to be sister Enero's companion for the day!!!!!! soooo fun! It was soo good to be with her again and to talk to her. She goes home in 3 weeks! Which is sooo crazy. But that was definitely a highlight from the week!

also apparently i talk in my sleep.... hahah Sister Costa says i will sit up in the middle of the night and pray outloud, or bear testimony or teach people lessons... hahah hopefully one day she will catch me on camera. :)

So i have an invitation for you.... Our mission started doing this with President McSwain and it is for all couples, and could be family members as well.. So before we leave the flat each morning, we bear a 20 second testimony of the Savior to each other, express our love for eachother, kneel and pray and then leave. President McSwain's promised blessing was that everytime we do this, we will leave with the spirit and there will be no contention in our companionships. I invite you all to do it! Especially you Kaylee and Parker, and Mommy and Daddy. :) So try and do it everyday and you will see the difference it makes! When President and Sister McSwain first introduced this, they demonstrated it for us and it was the cutest thing i've ever seen. They started crying and they were looking at eachother and bearing testimony and all of the sisters in the room were all tearing up. :) hahah so cute! but it does strengthen our testmonies everyday and it brings us closer together!!!

Also this past week we weren't able to see many of our investigators because it was school holiday and everyone was busy, but we were able to see the Taylor family. As you know, they are my favorite family in this area! They are soo sweet and they are working toward the temple!!! Which I am soo exicted about. They were baptized may of 2015 and they have been going on and off to church, but recently have been coming more. They were also able to talk to our Bishop last sunday and he said that the dad, Jayd, can get the melchezidek preisthood by march at the lastest, depending on their church attendance, and then they can work toward getting sealed!!!!!! AAAAAAHHHHH! This makes my heart soo happy! I wish I could be here for it soo badly. so please pray for them :)

But I love you all sooo much. And I am so grateful for the many opportunities and many challenges that we go through to help us to rely more on the Savior and his atonement, and to help us to develop the Christlike qualities that we have come here to acquire.

love, Sister Alldredge

Driving to the Temple

Sister Lilo

Sister Lilo

MTC Comps

Golden Orientation at the Temple

All of the Sisters of the Mighty ABM
Our Zone
Our Region
The gospel trivia game I made for the Taylor family
The Taylors
We made the Taylor's Missionary wall
Golden Orientation with President & Sister McSwain

Service with Sister Enero :)....ooops there was a hole in the bag haha
Biking with Sister Costa