Tuesday, June 23, 2015

g'day everyone!!!!! oh how much i miss you guys! i can't believe that i have only been here for like 6 days, cuz man, the days go by pretty slow but the weeks fly by! how does that even happen?... idk! well you are all probably wondering about my visa, and i still am too! they gave us travel itineraries last week that said we would fly from salt lake to LA and then from LA to Brisbane so we were freaking out thinking that we got our visas but come to find out, that doesn't mean anything and that they still haven't come yet so feel free to guess where you think i will be called to for a transfer or two! :) hahaha its been kind of crazy to be back in the stage of wondering where we are going to go but i'm super pumped either way!! so like i told you guys, im the sister training leader, because there was only like 300 that came in the same day as me, our district was also our zone, if that makes sense... but i LOVE my district. everyone is sooo random and there are some weird elders but i just laugh all the time when i am with them! and it may just be because im sitting in a classroom all day so when we actually get to talk, i might just think everything is funny, idk! haha so im in a trio with sister Kunz and sister Grawrock. i love them.  sister kunz is the one that i met and she is seriously the best thing ever. sister k (age 19) is from riverton and sis g (22) is from oregon. then we have two sisters going to mesa arizona, sister drake and sister breck, sister drake is the cutest thing ever and i just love her so much. then there is one other elder going to brisbane and his name is elder zobell, he is kinda shy but secretly a little bit sassy and hilarious when he makes his random remarks. then his companion is elder nuttall,who is going to arizona, a short little guy who is into ballet and singing, also funny. then there is elder fa'amuli and elder snarr. both going to arizona, elder F is a wanna be gangster and always talks about how he raps, but only about clean positive stuff, he makes me laugh so hard plus he calls me mom because im always telling him what to do, haha woops, and then elder snarr is probably the strangest person i have ever met, for example, he told his investigator that he knew the book of mormon was true because he read twilight... yeah i dont even know, but he still somehow seems to make me laugh all the time, then there is elder spendlove who is going to jamaica and is surprisingly the only elder in our district right out of highschool, he loves to tell us about his rebel days and is a little bit crazy, and then elder senior, also going to jamaica is the best. he is the district leader and he makes me laugh so hard. he is almost 24 and is actually super good friends with kyle collingsworth and brandon davies and all the other basketball and some byu football players, no big deal. we have talked about that quite a lot and he shows me pictures of him with them so i can pretty much say i know them personally.  he also told me the day he got set apart, kyle collingsworth was his companion and so he went to a practice with him and jimmer and some other super good basketball guys were there, so jealous right now. also in our branch presidency, kyle collingsworths dad is the 2nd couselor so ive met him and his wife too. anyways, i want all of those pics that we took at the temple!!! they are all so cute! so i will let you know where im going to be going asap so dont send them anywhere specific yet! also for gym time, we found slammo, you know that game with the small net and the mini volleyball, well me and sister kunz totally beat these two elders so pretty much life is good. also please tell marcie she is the BEST! she literally sent me 2 dozen donuts from krispy kreme, and so i dont have her email but just let her know i love her! so the mtc.... i love it! its crazy how inadequate/motivated/happy/nervous/excited you are all the time! i have learned sooo much already and my teachers are the best and at times satan likes to tell me that i will never be able to do a good job at being a missionary but i know that if i just trust in the Lord and turn to him, that i can be a good missionary! and by missionary, i mean mouthpiece because literally by myself i wouldn't be able to do anything but because of the spirit and the enabling power of the atonement, i am able to help people know how much their heavenly father loves them and how the gospel will bless their lives SOOOO much!!! so i have this investigator named jordanna, she literally met the missionaries 2 weeks ago and has a nose ring and everything, so i know that she isn't just a fake investigator, which makes it that much more important! i love her sooo much!! when we first met with her, the lesson went ok but we could tell that there were things she wasn't telling us and we knew we couldn't help her unless she did open up to us.  so the next time we met with her, we were ready.  we had prayed sooo much hoping that she would open up and feel the spirit and when we started talking about the atonement and the holy ghost and prayer, the spirit was so strong!!! i was literally a mouthpiece for the savior because i was asking questions i would never have thought of on my own!!! and then she just opened up to us and told us how she had moved away from home because she was addicted to alcohol and her family didn't know and she could tell it was affecting her relationship with her family so she wasn't going to move back until she was sober. and man, the spirit was so strong and she could totally feel it! i know it! and then we talked more about prayer and and we got her to pray and the closing prayer and she said how she finally felt hope and how she wanted god's help and it was sooo amazing! because the first time we talked to her she said she didn't know if she would even want religion in her life but it was amazing to see her change so fast when she realized it was just religion, but it was her coming unto christ! well i love you all and i can't wait to tell you all more about being a missionary! and i will try to send you lots of pictures!! LOVE YOU!!! 

-sister alldredge

Friday, June 19, 2015

FAMILY!!! oh i love being a missionary. it is the best. and it is also the weirdest thing that i am a missionary.... like i have a name tag and everything... what?! :) even though we are in class for like 10 hours a day, it is AMAZING!!! and we only have like 10 minutes to write you today just to tell you i'm alive so im typing as fast as i can but my p-day is tuesday so i will email you then! also.... send me dear elder letters? yes? :) thanks love you.  So my companions are Sister Kunz and Sister Grawrock.  They are awesome and we get along so good! I love my mtc teachers and my district rocks!!! we have us 3 going to Brisbane and then one other elder is going there then 2 elders are going to Jamaica and then the other 2 sisters and 3 elders are going to the arizona mesa mission.  they are so awesome! and we get along great! there is this one samoan elder that talks all the time and has told us like a billion times how he raps and only talks about positive clean stuff. no profanity man.  it cracks me up every time!! he totally thinks he is a gangster, but idk... :) so last night we met with the branch president and had a small testimony meeting which was awesome and then he interviewed us.  after that he assigned two of the elders to be zone leaders and one to be district leader and guess what else, i'm the sister training leader! idk what im doing but it will be good!! so funny story, when i walked in for my interview with the branch pres, the first thing he asks me is," so isnt there a height requirement for missionaries?" he thought that was pretty funny! hahaha also another funny story... so  my mtc teacher said she went to LA spanish speaking so i asked her if she knew parker and she did, then the next day she said she saw him on facebook so she stalked me and stuff and looked and the wedding pictures and was talking about how cute my family was and stuff :) well i love you guys! i love being a missionary! i love the MTC! i will try to send you pictures on tuesday but have a good weekend! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!