Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Hey fam, so don't have much time today because I tried to send lots of pictures... but let me just give you a quick run down of my week.....

so the beginning of the week was reallllyyy slow. No one was available because of school holiday and Sister Sweet's back has been hurting her because of a car accident she got in at the beginning of her mission and so we had some doctors appointments and stuff and so we would just kind of laugh through our tears type thing because who likes to be sad anyways, and we had gotten up to Thursday and we had 6 contacts for the week, (a contact is just talking to anyone new from door knocking and stuff like that) and we had like 3 member present lessons. But the great moral of this story is to have faith and trust in God! So we kept praying for miracles and on Thursday we had an powerful lesson with Fiona and set her on baptism date again. She seriously is soo ready and prepared! she just needs to go to church!!! and so we were feeling so grateful and then we were able to get about 30 contacts that day, but we were still soo far away from the 'hastening standard' for the week that President Henderson had set for 175 per week for ZL and STLs. But we continued to have faith and push through the pain and we got 55 contacts of Friday because two girls in the ward came out with us. Then Friday night we get a text saying that we would be getting a mini missionary!!! So we were sooo pumped and on Saturday morning, Sister Pearse comes and gets dropped off and then she tells us that we are getting 2 mini missionaries! ANSWER TO PRAYERS! so we got to do lots of finding on Saturday and we were able to talk to 74 people that day and teach quite a few member present lessons so after sunday, we reached the 175 contacts. Wahoooo. Heavenly Father is very aware of us, and with Him, nothing is impossible. I LOVE THIS WORK. and I love being a missionary!

Also, sister cashman got permission to come and see us and have lunch with us one day this week, so that was kind of crazy to see her! in pants too! hahah she also trained sister sweet, so it was a great reunion!

And we got to listen to our new mission President, he sounds soo cute. I cant wait to meet him!!! I mostly likely will be able to this week, but ill let you know how it goes!! LOVE YOU ALL SOOO MUCH!!!!

love, Sister Alldredge

My best 10 year old bud Bepe

Sister Cashman came back to see us!  She trained Sister Sweet!

Breanna & Sister Sweet

Fajitas for dinner

Sunday best with a family friend of Sister Sweet's who is in our ward
P-Day with our two mini missionaries who are both 16 years old.

We wore out the mini missionaries!

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