Monday, June 27, 2016

Morning. How ya going? :)

This past week was really really crazy. Man, you should just see the bags under my eyes.. hahahha me and sister sweet started using the "anti wrinkle" crème her mom sent her... hahahhahah I wish I could say I was joking but we really did that once! haha I will probably look 20 years older by the time I get home. hahah but anyways, thanks for the package and dear elders and also grandma and grandpa alldredge for your 2 cards that I got and Aubrey's adorable senior announcement! so cute!! man, everyone is growing up too fast. :)

So this week we had a final missionary leadership council with President and Sister Henderson. It lasted from 9-3pm. It was really long and then it was traffic hour when we were driving home but it was soo good! I will miss them so much! So they apparently pick up President and Sister McSwain and they get to spend like an hour together and then he gives him a usb with all the mission info on it and then they leave. Crazy! but I am excited to meet them!!! and Kylee Davis just emailed me and told me that their son married a girl that was in my grade in high school! so that's a cool connection, (already their favourite ;)) haha But sister Henderson did tell us that we will be needing to go on tradeoffs to Gladstone, Townsville, and Cairns this transfer!!!!!!!! AAAAHHHHH! I am so pumped to go to Cairns again!!! and Townsville is in the middle of Gladstone and Cairns and Sister Enero is serving there so that will be fun!!! But we just have to wait until the AP's figure it out and book our flights. :) so I may be going to one of those places later this week, idk we will see.

But I did get to go up to Nambour this week! So last transfer there were elders there but now they just put in sisters, and they are in our region so we went and helped the sister up there on Saturday. One of the sisters is from the Philippines and shes been out about 5 months and the other, Sister Gale from New Mexico is a golden, so she is fresh out of the mtc! So they were needing some major help to know how to get the work going. So when we went up there, me and sister Custan were door knocking, and we came to this door and I saw that they had a book of Mormon on their table by the door, so as we got to talk to this guy, he went back inside to grab the book of Mormon and I told sister custan to invite him to be baptized. So we taught him a bit and invited him and he accepted to be baptized on july 23rd!!!! wahoooo! it was sooo cool! my first baptism date set and the door! :) then after we dropped the other sisters off to see a former investigator who is 85 years old and they set a baptism date with him!! Miracles are happening!! and it only happens when we are exactly exactly obedient! Also we got to go and see the mother in law of sharen.. do you remember me talking about? sharen would talk about this lady all the time and how she has influenced her life and she happened to live in their ward! so that was cool to met her!

But I love you all soo much. And I love sister sweet. and I love being a missionary!!!!! It is such a blessing. I never want to take off my name badge or stop this great work. The mission has and will continue to change me. One thing that I loved from my studies this week in the Book of Mormon in Moroni 9:25. We can choose how we react to things, and as we always focus on the Savior, we will be able to act as the Savior would and that is what brings joy throughout the journey!! I love that. and I love you. But most importantly I LOVE my Savior!!!!!!

love, Sister Alldredge

1 sunday best
2 tradeoffs in nambour
3 splits with Makylah, YSA that moved into Northpine
4 when we saw a cochroach so we cleaned out our whole cupboard and tried not to scream too much and it was gone.........


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