Monday, June 6, 2016

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMBER!!!!! 16 years old. I can't even believe it. and HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY on sunday! :) love you both sooooooo much!!!! have you got my card yet by chance?... I hope so. :)

So this week was kind of a bit of a rollercoaster. ha. Sister Snelgrove was in Cairns for tradeoffs and me and sister Bauman were with Sister Campbell. It was really fun! and we were able to go finding in the pouring rain for like 5 hours and when it was flooding everywhere. that was my favourite day this week. haha! but sister Campbell has been struggling a bit and it has been pretty tough.. idk what I would do without sister bauman. haha but I am learning soo much this transfer! And I know how much I need to work on patience because that seems to be the overall thing that I have been trying to overcome, hahah. Also since sister bauman is going home she talks about home like all the time. so thats also been kind of tough thinking more about home lately but its all good. :) also not to be trunky but... 6 months from today i come home! i can't even believe it!

So last week we had our last missionary leadership council with president and sister Henderson. I can't even believe that they are leaving so soon. I will miss them sooo much. It is going to be so different! but I am excited to meet the McSwains! Ill send you the pic of what they look like in another email. But this week we have our last zone conference with him and interviews. I am going to cry. I know it. I've already teared up a few times just thinking about it. But I know that God has great plans in store for this great mission!!

Also i went and saw Sharen and she told us that she just has a lot going on right now and that she has some concerns with some anti Mormon stuff her neighbour showed her, and i just started crying right there on her porch. ha. it broke my heart when i have been through soo much with her and then for her to turn away from all of the amazing things that she was able to experience. but i know that she does have her agency and that she will be baptized one day! also Darren has been dodging us with every appointment we set with him, but all is well. We should be seeing him this week. But we just need to go find new people to teach who are ready to change!

love you soo much family!!! and i ll see you soon. :)

love, Sister Alldredge

ps. funny story... so me and my companions have to use ear plugs at night because sister Campbell snores really really loud. hahaha

Breanna, Sister Bauman, Sister Campbell

Big rain storm

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