Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Howdy family,

This past week was so fun! I was great being in Gladstone! It was about an hour flight north and I got to be with sister Galang and Sister Grawrock (my mtc companion) for a week! It was heaps of fun! We saw quite a few small miracles and did lots of teaching.

So one miracle that we had was with their investigator Kelly. So apparently she moved like 3 weeks ago suddenly and she only have a home line so they had no way to get a hold of her. So on Thursday we were driving to our first appointment, and sister Galang (who looks like, and talks like, and walks like Amaya ahha) said that the car in front of us looked like Kelly's. so we pulled up next to her and it was her! She we quickly flagged her down and asked her for her address and so she yelled new Auckland, and we thought it was a street name so we asked for the number. And then she had to turn so we were super pumped that we finally got her address. So the next day we typed it in the GPS and new Auckland ended up being a suburb not a street. So we were super bummed, but the next day we went finding in new Auckland and as we were knocking doors, I noticed a car that looked like Kelly's drive down the street. So we go and look and it had parked in a driveway and Kelly's mom got out of the car! So we like booked it over and it was Kelly's new house that she had moved into!!! We couldn't believe it!!!!! Oh man, Heavenly Father is sooo great!!!! It was such a blessing!!!! He never ceases to amaze me!!!!

Then yesterday for church we got to drive up to Rockhampton, like an hour and a half north of Gladstone, because they had their district conference! So I got to see President and Sister Henderson and see some more of beautiful Queensland. What a blessing. :) and then I just flew back this morning so now I am back in north pine with sister Campbell and Sister Bauman (who was on tradeoffs in Townsville last week) and now sister Snelgrove just left today to go on tradeoffs to cairns. (sooo jealous.)

also, I guess while I was in Gladstone, Sharen texted the sisters and told them that she doesn't want to investigate our church anymore and that she believes her old church she went to growing up is the true church. It about broke my heart when they told me, I have been through sooo much with her. But I just have tried to not think about it too much because I will start crying. ha but I know that it ultimately is her choice, but I do know that one day she will be baptized!!! I know it!!!!!  but there is no need to worry about things that are out of my control, hopefully I will be able to go see her tomorrow, but I know everything happens in God's time, which is the right time. So just keep praying for her.

But anyways, looove you all soooo much!!!!!! I can't believe how fast time is flying. Keep praying for me and my investigators!!! And just know that I love you and miss you and that I can't believe Kyle is graduated and that Amber turns 16 next week. That's all.

love Sister Alldredge

                                             1. after we taught their investigator, Gracious

                      2. me and sister galang (from Philippines quezon city), and sister grawrock

                          3. me and president and sister Henderson, I love them sooo much. 

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