Thursday, March 3, 2016

FAMILY!!!!! wow this has been the longest past week of my life leading up to going to the temple but we finally made it!!! :D I just loooove the temple soo much. It always seems to be the exact thing I need to give me that boost to keep going! I sure do love it!!!!

Anyways... this past week was pretty crazy and eventful and I don't have much time so here goes....

1. we set a date with our investigator Fiona! She told us she feels so excited and feels the spirit whenever we talk to her about baptism and I have only seen her like 2x not for a very long time and we haven't even taught the full restoration lesson yet! she is awesome though! she has 3 kids and is samoan. her parents are less active and she was just never baptized so we are pumped about her!

2. saw sister yee for the last time. :( she goes home next week and I'm sooo sad about it. :'''''''( I love her so much!!! but all is well. :) now I can email her.

3. we got our car serviced in Caboolture= my old area!!!! so we got to drive through there past my old flat and stuff.... good memories with sister mewa. :) also we had stake conference broadcast and so we had it at my old chapel in the centenary lakes ward and so I got to see a lot of them!!!! it made me soo happy! I sure do miss that ward!!!

4. soo funny story.... so last week we came home for like 2 days and our flat smelt sooo bad. we literally thought something had died but we couldn't find it anywhere! we would clean out our fridge, our rubbish, check behind everything but it just kept getting worse and worse! finally one morning after exercise, it was really bad so I go looking around our flat again and look in the microwave and realized we had left raw chicken in there for like 4 days. it was sooooooo nasty and we both almost died. hahahahah but its all good now! hahah don't worry, we wont ever do that again!!!

5. funniest story ever.... I was laughing soooo hard! so we went to visit this recent convert who went less active right after he was baptized 2 years about because he was offended by a member and so now he goes to a different ward in the city, but he was telling us about when he was going to be baptized and so he decided that he would need to stay under the water for 3 mintues to fully be washed clean, after talking to the member baptizing him, they finally settled on 30 seconds. so when he got baptized he said he went under and the member tried to pull him up but he wouldn't let him and he could see the bishop freaking out and telling him to pull him up so apparently he had counted and only stayed under for 20 seconds.... ahhahaahahhha oh man I thought that was sooo funny!! and then he said he shaved a scripture in his leg hair for his baptism as well.... ahahahahaha he is such a funny/crazy old man. but I sure do love talking to him!!!! :D ahhahaahaha

Anyways, I love you all soooo much!!!!!!!!! and I love my Savior!!!

love, Sister Alldredge

ps. check out the ABM website, I'm on it. ;)
pss. fun fact, the ABM is one of the most if not the most expensive mission in the world.. crazy huh!

1. last weeks adventure to north pine dam
2. temple p-day today!!!! :) just catching the train.. and yes we are the only sisters in the zone. :(

3. this is a crazy tall recent convert named Nathan.

Sisters with President & Sister Hendersen!
Sister Alldredge & Sister Enero

Brisbane North Zone getting ready to board the train for the Temple!

Dead Possum.  Pretty gross - not sure why she wanted a picture with that. :-)

Name tags

Tall new member

Tree Hugger

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