Monday, March 14, 2016


1st of all...HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MOMMY AND DADDY.... 2nd of all.... i can't believe joci is home already... 3rd... i hit my 9 month mark this week woot wot... 4th.... i rode a bike for the first time in a skirt, best day ever!! haha.... and 5th...... i am sooooooo excited for kyle!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot wait for him to submit his papers and get his mission call to the place that will change his life forever!!!!!!!!! sooooooo pumpppppeeedddd!! im probably more excited than him... hahahah and yeah, that's about it. :)

But anyways this week was good. I had to say goodbye to sister yee though. I miss her so much, but all is well! (that's mine and sisters enero's saying this transfer because no matter what happens and even though this area and our ward and missionary work is so tough, all is well! :)) it was so sad but it was such a blessing because we got to pick up a sister from the airport that was going home and take her to the mission home for their last day of going to the temple and spending time with Presdient, and so as we were leaving, Sister Yee pulled up and i jumped out of the car and she jumped out and we ran to eachother and just started crying. hahahah ahh i miss her. hahah but she is maybe thinking about coming to byu so keep your fingers crossed that you will be able to meet her!!!! :)

We also had an emergency mission leadership council even though we already had one this month so president could introduce the new easter video and initiative. its so cute!! you have to go check out! Love it! But man, President is panicking! he even told us that! haha He only has like 3 months left and so he is really pushing us to work soo hard! Its really good! Whenever he talks he gets me so motivated and i just can't wait to go out and teach repentance and baptize!!!!!! It is such a good feeling! But it will be sooo different when president leaves... im really nervous because a new mission president means so many new ideas and changes! But all is well. I am excited to see what revelation President Mcswain has received so that this mission can move to new heights!

fun fact: did you know that the average baptisms for missionaries in the mighty ABM is 2.8?... crazy huh! But with Heavenly Father's help I will get 20. wooot woot. :)

Also a miracle for this week.. we got a referral to someone in a suburb called Joyner, but we didn't know that was apart of our area so now we have a whole new suburb to go door knock!!! We are so pumped! ahah and this past week we were able to find 2 new investigators and 2 potentials on the same street there! There are people prepared!!!! Heavenly Father is soo sweet to us and gives us miracles every single day! What a blessing.

Well I love youuuu!!! and just decide today to make this week or even to make today or tomorrow the best day you are going to have! Because happiness doesn't just happen by chance, its by choice! :D and who doesn't want to be happy. Bloom where you are planted people.

love, Sister Alldredge

                                                   1. the day sister yee left... I cried... :,(

                                                2. 1ST TIME I RODE A BIKE IN A SKIRT!!!

                                              3. corned beef and cabbage... its a real thing!  

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