Monday, January 25, 2016

Hello family!!!!! soooo I know I told you I was going to email you on Tuesday but we just found out that we are no longer having pdays on Tuesdays at all because there are no more transfer meetings! so now they are just telling us where we are going and sending us there through public transport or whateves.

but in saying that..... you will never believe where I am right now..... sadly I am back in Brisbane. :( waahhhhh. im so sad. but I am excited to be in NORTH PINE! and I am also a STL (sister training leader) uhhhhh scaryyy. I feel so inadequate. haha but I am back in the same zone where my old area used to be! so I live in Kallangur now which is in the Brisbane north zone. But i am also the STL to the whole northern zone which means everyone in Cairns!!! wooh! so i will get to call and talk to them weekly or even more than that and make sure sister cashman is doing a good job in Cairns! :) But I am very excited to be here but man, it was soo hard to leave cairns. But my new companion is named Sister Enero from the Philippines. She is seriously the sweetest and happiest person ever so I am sooo excited to be her comp! I love her already!

But anyways... my last week in cairns was soooo great!!!! Geoffrey was baptized on Wednesday and it was such a good baptism! I played the piano for the opening and closing and the musical number and i also gave a talk, so i was a little stressed out but it was so good! He was so happy! And then he was confirmed on sunday, he was late for church so I was getting a little antsy but he came! and so i got to see him receive the holy ghost right before I gave my good bye testimony.. and you can imagine how that went! haha But it was sooo good! What a great way to end my stay in Cairns!

But i know this is real short but i don't have much time today... and don't worry, it was my fault that i wasn't able to tell you that i am emailing today instead of tomorrow so i hope you hear from you next week! LOVE YOUUUU!!! and please pray for me.... im gonna need help! :) and any suggestions with being a sister training leader and how i can help the sisters in the region would be much appreciated! :)

love, Sister Alldredge

ps. Happy Australia Day Tomorrow!!!!
Geoffrey's Baptism!
Leaving beautiful Cairns! :(
Hello Brisbane!

New Comp Sister Enero from the Phillipines!

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