Monday, January 18, 2016

Talofa family! first off, KAYLEE HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! WOOOOOOH 22!!!! my little girl is growing up. :,) hahah But i hope you have a great week and have a great birthday! I know I will have a great time on your birthday because we have the training video thing from Elder Oaks, Elder Bednar and Elder Anderson. I am so pumped! Woot Woot. 

But anyways... This week was AMAZING. Sooooo many miracles and guess what... you wont believe it........... I AM HAVING MY FIRST BAPTISM THIS WEEK ON WEDNESDAY!!!! I am sooo excited! So It is geoffrey that is getting baptized and what happened was 2 weeks ago, we had tried to commit him to being baptized on Jan 23rd because he is more than ready but he was really sure about commiting to a date even though he really wanted to get baptized. So we talked to our Branch President because they are pretty good friends and asked him to talk to him because we werent sure what else to do. Then after church, President came up to me and said," guess what, Geoffrey is getting baptized on Wednesday." and I was like, uhhh what wait?! And so then he told me he had pulled him in his office after church and commited him to being baptized this wednesday, jan 20th! talk about the best 7 month mark present ever! hahah ;) I am sooo pumped! So i will let you know how that all goes! :) 

Also we find out this saturday about transfers.... :( pretty much i've already started writing goodbye cards to everyone and i have been taking pictures with all the families I love because I want to be prepared when I do get the call to go back down to brissy. But i have already cried just thinking about leaving cairns.. hahahahah But that also means that we wont have pday until next tuesday, the 26th....on AUSTRALIA DAY!!!! So everyone celebrate! woooh! :D

Sorry this email is going to be kind of short.. today we got permission to go on an early hike in the botanical gardens here in cairns as a district, so we went at 6:30, then came back did our studies, went shopping, had lunch as a district and went bowling. It was so fun! haha And I did get 101 in one of the games :) so take that kyle! haha (hey kyle, remember that one game that you got like 30?....) hahahahah jokes! But it was really fun!

Also quick heads up, President Henderson changed some of the rules and so I will only be able to email for an hour now so you probably wont get very detailed emails sometimes but i will do my best!


love, Sister Alldredge

Sooo.. my comp made me a crown...

Early morning hike in the bush

After the hike in the misty rain

Beautiful rainbow!

Cairns shirts

Bowling with Cairns District

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