Sunday, January 3, 2016

firstly......HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMY!!!!! (on saturday) I hope you have the best day ever!!!! But these last few days have been very eventful.. haha 

So we woke up on friday morning and before weekly planning we had a mission wide conference call and President Henderson announced a few things..

1. we have a video training from our new missionary presidency (elder oaks, bednar and anderson) on January 20th (21st here) for all of the missionaries in the world! It will be sooo good!
2. We are having mission tour and Elder Halek of the 70 is coming February 8th (my birthday if you forgot ;)) to February 12th. 
3. the new mission president starting July 1st will be President and Sister Mcswain from farmington, Ut!!! I am sooo excited to meet them! :D they should be coming to mission tour and earlier to see how President Henderson does things. But please start praying for them :)

Also another crazy thing from this past week, so we got a call from the Boyces our senior couple saying that they will need to use the bikes that were in our flat (huge men bikes that had flat tires) and so we asked why, and they said that someone had broken into the zone leaders flat, stole their keys, and took the car! i couldn't believe it!! But good news, the next day they found the car... in yarrabah! So now they are working on getting that back, but that was crazy!! 

Also funny story, and so this family, the Morrisions, that we were planning on having dinner with that night has a former missionary who served up here staying with them named Jaide, and while we were at church, these 2 american boys came in and she went and talked to them for a second until the meeting started. After the meeting they left really fast and she was freaking out because she wanted to talk to them so she ran after them and ended up tapping on their car window and inviting them to dinner. So when they came to dinner, Bro Morrison (who reminds me a lot of dad) says, well boys, before you came we were talking about temple marriage, you know, D&C 4, the field is white already to harvest... and kept going on and on.. hahahahaa I felt so bad for Jaide! But I felt like it was totally something dad or uncle shane or someone would do back at home.. hahahahahhah 

Anyways, I hope you all have a great week! And enjoy this new year! I can't believe it is already 2016! ha! BUT I LOVE YOU ALL!!!! 

love, Sister Alldredge

PS -We had song our chinese investigator and geoffrey (the one whose wife suddenly died last year) both come to church. And geoffrey even came up asking for help how to fill out the tithing envelope, i was so surprised and he paid 30$! I was kind of shocked, and he says he wants to be baptized and he knows its true, but he is just trying to get over and move forward from not knowing why his wife died. But i know he will be baptized soon! 
Cairns Lookout
Cairns Lookout 2

Sister Cashman and Breanna at Yorkers Knob

Lookout for Crocs!

Palm Cove

Look at the size of those leaves!

Dinner with the Morrisons

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