Monday, February 1, 2016

Kumusta? Hey Hey guess what month it is?! FEB! (everyone in Australia just says feb) That means its my birthday month! wooooh a whole month all about me.. hahah jokes! But Something that is super cool is that sister enero's birthday is on the 7th of feb so we are going to party together. :)

But this past week was awesome! I have learned so much already and man, north pine is soo different from cairns. Like for example... there are so many white people. I miss all my black friends! haah they are soo much nicer and funner to talk to. haha But this past week we decided to go door knocking and the first door we knocked on, we had an awesome lesson! This lady was soo prepared to hear about the gospel and she was telling us about her life experiences and so we were feeling really good as we left her house but literally every other house we went to we got slammed. haha Literally I have never faced so much rejection in my mission! This one house this guy seemed super friendly at first and after he said he wasn't interested we asked if he knew anyone that may be going through a tough time and might need some help, and then he told us that he would take us to court. we were like what the? ahaha and then literally every door after that, all of these grumpy old men were soo rude! But I was so grateful for the tender mercy we had at the first house because if we wouldn't have had that, I would have probably been crying by the time we knocked all of those houses but we were just making each other laugh through the pain. hahah Those are some of the best moments that I can remember on the mission, is when we decided to have fun while finding because happiness is most definitely a choice! And that is why I looove sister enero. She is soo happy and has helped me be a lot more positive and happy this transfer!

Also this one is for the little girls... I saw my first koala last week when I was on my run in the morning! It was up in the tree sleeping and it was so cute! I wish I would have had my camera to take a picture because I know how much you want to see all of the cool animals that are here, so I will do my best to get one! :)

Also, this is most likely the time we will be emailing every week just so yall know. :) I sure love to see emails from everyone when I get on the computer rather than right as I am about to get off. hahaha but no worries! :)

So next week is mission tour!!! Elder Haleck is coming and it will be so good! I am so excited! This past week we also had a leadership training thing with all of the sister training leaders and zone leaders and so I got to see Sister Yee, Sister Bauman, and Sister Kunz! OH HAPPY DAY! I have missed sister yee soooo much and I almost started crying when I saw her! haha But that will be fun because I will get to see her more this transfer before she leaves because she is a sister training leader as well. So that's good news! :)

But I love you all sooo much! And I hope you have a great week and that I will be able to hear from you soon! LOVE YOUUUUUU!!!!

love, Sister Alldredge

ps. I got your package last week and I had to put it somewhere that I won't see it so I don't open it before my birthday :) ahahah but thanks soo much!!! I can't wait to see what is inside!

1. challenge for the day last week, take a pic with someone you give a book of Mormon to :)
2. sis enero eating octopus... tastes like rubber
3. aunty dezzy, paula, and may on vacation in Brisbane! BEST DAY EVER when I got to see them!

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