Thursday, December 31, 2015

Christmas presents from home!

Three Degrees of Glory!

Sister Cashman being Australian

Santa Breanna!

Aunt Dizzy and Aunty May

Too many lollies!

Flat Sisters!

HI FAMILY! sooo sorry i forgot to tell you but we are having p-day today on new years eve instead of last monday because today we have to be in the flat by 5 because of the holiday. so yeah.. but anyways... christmas was sooo fun! It was so different and didn't really feel like Christmas, but I felt so close to my Savior, and thats really what it is all about! :) But i LOVED seeing the pictures of all of the presents that you all made each other, they were so cool! It looked like a fun Christmas! 

We went to the Tou's for breakfast, (my favorite family from the cook islands), and Sister Tou was thanking us for being there and then she starts talking about how our families miss us and stuff and then I just started crying... hahahahaaha! And then when we were about to leave to go skype you at the chapel, i started crying again, i was scared man! hahahah But it was sooo good to see you and hear your voices! I have such a cute family! haha But then we had lunch with the elders and other sisters at part member families home from the other branch, and they were super fancy and had all of these guests that showed up dressed all nice and we showed up in gym shorts and t-shirts because we were planning on playing in the back yard... hahahah so yup, we just playing tennis and basketball and stuff which was soo fun! Except for the humidity... that was killer! Then we went to aunty dezzy's house and chilled for awhile before going to the chapel and having dinner with the luki family and all of their extended family and had a feast with a whole pig and all! except we were already so full from eating that whole day so we tried to eat as much as we could... haha and then to end of the day, we went back to aunty dezzy's and watched the video "He knows my name" the new one that just came out apparently?.. its only about a half an hour long but its soo good! So cute!
 But thats about all i remember from these past couple weeks.... it really has been a blur.. hahahah and it probably doesn't help that i woke up with the flu yesterday so we had to go to the doctors office and then had to stay home for the rest of the day :( I hate not being able to go work but its all good. 

So i will be emailing you all again next monday, so I will try to have a longer and better email then! :) But know how much I love you and i hope you have a great new years! 

love, Sister Alldredge

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