Tuesday, December 1, 2015

What up? dude, can you believe that its already almost december and that we find out if we get transferred next saturday?! ahhh no! sis yee will probably go down and ive been trying not to cry when i think about her leaving me... hahaha i wish we could just be companions for the rest of my mission, but hey, its all good. :) But this past week was so fun! 

last monday we had a region meeting with the sisters and since we are up north, we got to skype everyone down in brisbane and watch them have a party.. hhaha but it was good! and i got to see sister mewa!! oh man, i miss her! and she goes home next transfer, so thats super crazy.. 

Also this past week, a recent convert Agnes, from the torres strait islands, came out with us. And after we visited a couple people, we dropped her off at the school so she could ride the bus back with her kids. Then later that day, we were having dinner at a members home. And this member is apart of the Luki family in cairns. (Pretty much their whole family makes up our branch and the other cairns branch) So as we were having dinner, more of their cousins and family members kept coming, so we were all having fun with this big group and then our branch president who is also a Luki came, and he told us that Agnes's son had been hit by a car earlier in the day and that he was in the emergency room and was in critical condition. Me and sister yee were in shock because we had dropped her off earlier that day. but we didn't want to just leave without sharing a message so we tried our best to focus as we showed them a mormon message and things, but after we did that, we booked it out of there and drove to the hospital. When we got there, we ran in and got permission to go back and see them. And Agnes was being very strong. But the little boy who was 6 years old, named Zonny, was lying on the bed and his left eye was soo black and swollen shut. He was all scraped from road rash over his face and body and his ear was split. Apparently he had been playing outside of his house and he ran out in the road right as a car was coming down the hill going about 50 or 60 km/h. (idk what that is in mph) But He is doing much better now and luckily he didn't have any broken bones or internal bleeding or anything. It was a miracle! But it sure scared us! 

Also this week we got to drive down to Innisfail (over an hour south of cairns) for a combined district variety show. So pretty much the 4 branches all came up with a skit, a fun song, a cultural song, and a spiritual song. It was so fun! And it was cool to travel a little bit, Australia sure is beautiful! 

But i just got cut short cuz the elders need to get on, but just know how much i love you all!!! And i hope you have a great week!!!!! LOVE YOU!!!

love, Sister Alldredge
Some of her favorite members of the Branch!

Beautiful Goldsborough with Sister Yee

Snake Charmer!

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