Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Which way? (how either aboriginals or torres strait islanders say how are you) :) Im same way! (doing good) haha they say the weirdest things over here.... haha

well guess what, BEST DAY EVER!! so good news.. i got the 12 days of christmas package on the 11th so just in time!!! ahhh i love it! I have seriously laughed so hard at the clever poems that go along with the little presents! haha I love it. But i hope my package comes to you all in time so kyle will have something to open up on christmas eve.. hahah so dont open the package until then! :) Also i wont be emailing next week because ill be skyping!!! so thats good news! :D I can hardly even believe that i am actually going to see you and hear your voices!!! ahhhhh sooo pumped. 

So, its true.. sis yee got transferred back down to brisbane for her last 2 transfers. soooo sad. and also sister mcmichael (american in our flat) that goes home this transfer got sent down to brisbane as well, along with our zone leader elder tupou. sooo sad! its seriously so different without them! I miss them soo much already! haha but my new companion is named sister cashman! she is an aussie from sydney and is helping me learn to speak with an australian accent. :) haha so thats good news! she is 24 (all my comps have been 24) and is very nice! she seems funny too and she is a hard worker and very obedient. so it will be really good! but she goes home with sister yee so pretty much all of my companions are going to die really soon. sad. haha and sister mewa was supposed to go home the end of this transfer but because of some swollen discs in her back or something, she went home today. but i did get to talk to her on the phone before she left which is really good! I am sure going to miss her and idk when ill see her again :(

But anyways this past week, me and sister yee had a great week to end the transfer! We saw a lot of miracles as we were able to go to yarrabah. We went on splits while we were in yarrabah, so i was with Tara (34 year old who always comes with us) and our branch mission leader. and so we went to brother poas friends house but he said he didn't want us to teach him a lesson, so we tried to go to other places but no one was home, so finally after about an hour, bro poa had to go to the bathroom, so we decided to go back to his friends place and when we got there, we met his partner and they decided to let us come in and share a message with them because no one else was home. we ended up leaving a book of mormon with them and he was really excited about reading it and for us to come back! so that was a miracle! 

So we had a christmas party/ secret santa with the sisters on sunday night before they left. it was so fun! we each did a talent, mcmichael sang because she had an angel voice, atu'ake did a hula dance, i lip sang to mcmichael singing, and sis yee did a somersault. hahaha it was so fun! and for my present i got that piggy bank and a crown and fake lips. so thats cool. ahhaha I sure do miss them!

well sorry, this email is all over the place, but just know how much i love you!!! sooo much! and I will see you all next week! wooot wooot! so make sure you pick up the call when i am calling you on skype. haha have a great week!

love, Breanna

ps. i hit my 6 month mark on thursday.... what the?! time flies! 
1st Day of Christmas

2nd Day of Christmas

3rd Day of Christmas!

12 Days of Christmas! Hopefully she can keep from opening them all at once!

Saying goodbye at the airport to 3 of the 4 in the picture

Goodbye to sweet Sister Yee

Secret Santa the night before the two on the ends are transferred

Breanna's new companion Sister Cashman from Sydney, Australia.  She will really be working on her accent!

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