Monday, November 23, 2015

4 Sisters in the flat

Coconuts growing on the ground?

Poor Sister Yee.  At least she knows she's loved.

Sisters with Jordan, an investigator

Sister Alldredge with her Aboriginal Grandparents

This week has been craazy but so good! I know its hard to believe but i did have a little struggle at the beginning of the week because I was thinking more about home when I heard about Sophie but thanks to prayers and a priesthood blessing from Elder Boyce (the senior couple here in cairns), we were able to have such a great week! Missions are funny, you will never have a day that will go exactly as planned and you will always be rejected over and over again BUT miracles happen every day every day every day. Heavenly Father is so so merciful. 

But this past week we started teaching a girl named jean, she is 19 and her mom is a less active that hasn't been to church since before jean was born so she didn't know anything about it, but as we briefly taught her, the spirit was so strong and i felt prompted to invite her to be baptized, and she accepted! So that was a miracle! 

Also i finished memorized the Living Christ, it took awhile because I was a little slack but I finally finished it! So that has been a huge blessing and I have grown closer to my Savior as i have memorized it. So i encourage you all to memorize it! or just read it, either way :) 

Another miracle we had this week was when we went to the Benioni families house. They are a less active family who has recently started coming back to church! But the dad, Danny, is aussie and has tatoos everywhere, long hair, and gages in his ears, and looks super rough but is the funniest and nicest guy ever! The mom, Naomi, is from new zealand and is always so welcoming to us. But that night our appointment feel through so sis yee suggested we go see this family. so as we got there, we were talking to them and Naomi said that her oldest daughter had attempted to commit suicide the night before and they were in the hospital all night. We felt prompted to and watched the mormon message "mountains to climb." Both of them started crying during the video and after talking to them about it, they said that we always seemed to bring the message that they needed to hear at that very moment. I am so grateful for the spirit for always leading us to know who to see and what to teach them. We could not do it without the spirit. But this experience, and many others, have strengthened my testimony that Heavenly Father is so aware of us and our feelings and thoughts and struggles. I am also reminded every single day how important it is that we are worthy of and listening to the spirit so that we can help our brothers and sisters  as we are instruments in helping answer their prayers. 

Well i love you all sooo much. and I invite you all to pray for an opportunity to help answer someones prayer this week! 

love , Sister Alldredge 

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