Tuesday, November 3, 2015

FAMILY! happy halloween! and happy november! wow, i can't believe its already november..... It feels like its still june to me because of this crazy weather! And Christmas is next month.. what the?.. But anyways, this past week has been great!

So i didn't get transferred! woooh and neither did sister Yee! Oh happy day!!! And this will be sister yee's 4th transfer up here in Cairns so she will probably got back down after this one for her last 2 transfers. But Sister Taulagia, the samoan sister got sent back down to brisbane and now a tongan sister named Sister Atu'ake came up to be with Sister McMichael. She is hilarious, so it will continue to be a party in our flat. :) 

But this week we had a halloween party with our 2 branches here in cairns which was super fun! Aussies don't really celebrate halloween that much but they went all out with this trunk or treat party! People would sign up to have their cars in the parking lot handing out candy and It was awesome! our branch president and his family set up this big carpet and some tables and they would act like zombies and walk toward you and you would have to shoot 6 of them with a nerf gun before they reached the table to get candy.. it was intense! hahah But it was really fun! and our investigator came with his daughter and some of the members brought their nonmember friends so it was really good! 

Also... funny story... so you know Pastor John? the one that has been coming to church? well one day we were walking home at like 7:30 at night so it was pretty dark, and as we were walking we saw someone that was staggering walking toward us. So we were like, oh no, another drunk guy. So we start to walk to the side of the sidewalk and then i realized it was Pastor John! So we were like, what the? why is he drunk?! and then all of a sudden, he looks up at us and starts laughing his head off! He told us he had seen us coming so he pretended to be drunk to scare us.. hahaha oh man, we were laughing so hard! Crazy old John. :) 

But anyways, this past week we were able to teach a lot and also were able to go to Yarrabah again. Being in Yarrabah is just the best! I know we can start a branch there! Anything is possible with the Lord! 

Also, Kristen Hopkins just sent me a letter with the best talk ever!!!! its called "the miracle of a mission." by jeffrey r holland. yall have to read it!!!!! its so good! and also "becoming a consecrated missionary" by tad r callister, and it doesn't just apply to full time missionaries, you can live it in your everyday life because every member is a missionary! :) 

But I love you all soooo much! And i sure have been missing you lately more than usual with all of these fun holidays and the family parties but its all good! :) 

​yours truely..... and dont mind my double chin the in the one on the left... i accidentally cut my chin off in my picture... but we have enjoyed handing out the one on the left to our branch members :)

​me and my twin on halloween

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