Monday, November 9, 2015

Ni Hao. So I can't really remember what happened this past week.. its all been a blurr, but i remember that it was good! :) but i forgot my planner at the flat so i will do my best to remember.... haha 

But i learned some sad news this past week.. apparently they closed my first area and so instead of having the sisters and elders cover the ward, its just the elders and the boundaries are huge.. so thats kind of a bummer.. but its all good! :) i just want to stay in cairns foreverr. Even though our air con is broken right now and i feel sticky all the time, life here is soooo good! Man, i wish everyone was as humble as the people in Cairns! 

But this past week i have really been thinking about something dad sent me last week... he said, "There will be no other time in your life when you don’t have to worry about anything else but serving so make the very best of it.  Everything you are doing is about serving others and the Lord, and that is what will bless your life and your family’s lives forever.  There is no greater joy than that!" I have been doing my best to focus on what matters most, and that is doing the Father's will. There is no greater joy then when we are becoming more like the savior and aligning our will with the Fathers. Even though i have sooo many weaknesses, As long as we are worthy of and listening to and following the spirit then we will be able to do everything Heavenly Father wants us to do. 

So we had so many amazing miracles this week, but one miracle we had was that we set a baptism date with Thomas!!!! well technically the elders did... but you know Patty and Thomas? Well apparently the elders are teaching Thomas's mom and they went to see her this week and Thomas was there and they taught them both and set a date with both of them! It was a miracle because we haven't been able to see Thomas lately but we will need to get him and Patty married asap so he can get baptized in december. 

We also had a part member family finally open up to us and the non member father told us that he would never forgive himself if his family wasn't sealed in the temple, so that was also a huge miracle! Now we just have to help these people progress!

Well, sorry this is kind of a short and lame email... but just know that i love you all and i am soooo happy. the joy that comes from forgetting about ourselves and our wants and needs and just focusing on others is the greatest joy ever! And then when you see people changing and becoming better, ahh. I could do this forever! But i would love to invite all of yall to pray and to ask Heavenly Father who is someone that may need help or may need a friend or something and i promise you that if you pray with real intent (which in PMG, real intent means that when we pray, we will be willing to act on the answer we receive) that the spirit will tell you a name of someone. Do it. And experience the joy that comes from following the spirit and helping that beloved child of God that He loves sooo much! And if you have any cool experiences, let me know :)

Well, i love you! so much. And have a great week! I am so excited for this coming week! Sister Yee has really taught me to love being a missionary and to just love and look forward to each new day. And i do, i love it! 

love, Sister Alldredge 

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