Monday, November 16, 2015

Best buds - Souvenir shopping 
Jordan & Sister Morrison, We LOVE this family!
Christmas Nativity at Branch Christmas party!
Baby duck from the Nativity
Well, I've decided that I'm never leaving cairns and that I am going to stay here for my whole mission. Man, i sure do love this area!!!! This past week has been really fun! And we saw lots of miracles! Also i had to speak in church last minute so that was fun too :) haha But it went alright! Also sorry I didn't email you sooner today... We went to Kuranda as a district. It has all of these awesome authentic Australia stuff, like boomerangs and didgeridoos and kangaroos skins and sarongs and stuff. So that was real fun :)

One HUGE miracle that we saw this week was from a part member family, I think i told you about them last week... Carmen (the member) and her partner Amosa (nonmember) and how they said they want to be sealed. well we challenged him to pray because he said he still wanted to find out if it was true, and as we came back this week we followed up and asked him how it went. And he says, "Well actually, I can now say that I know that the Church of Jesus Christ is the only true church on earth." And my jaw must have dropped or I must have looked like I was in shock, because he kind of laughed and then told us that he had prayed the night we had came last week and after he prayed he was just laying in bed, and he felt this feeling in his heart that was something he had never felt before. He said he felt like he was getting really hot but he knew it was the spirit and that Heavenly Father was answering his prayers. WOW. I can't even describe the joy that completely filled my heart as I heard those words. I don't think I have ever felt that happy before. It is amazing to see someone change and to see them really and truly gain a testimony for themselves. He has a ways to go before he will be baptized but it was such an amazing miracle! 

Also this past week, we had an early Branch Christmas Party! Dude, it was awwesome! And there were 18 nonmembers there! They have the primary do a nativity and they had live goats and chicks and ducks and guinea pigs which was so cute! And then we went to different rooms to see how different cultures celebrated Christmas! We had a papa new guinea room, a phillipino room, and a cook island room. It was so cool and we got to try unique foods for each one! It was soo fun. I send you pics of it :)

So a thought that i had as I was reading my scriptures this week came from 2 Nephi 28:24. It says, "Therefore, wo be unto him that is at ease in Zion!" And me and sister yee were talking about how profound and true that is. We should never be comfortable in the gospel, we should always be growing and stretching and becoming better! So I want you all to think about that this week, how or what you can do to grow and stretch and become better, because that truly is enduring to the end! 

Well I LOVE YOU! make it the best week ever! :D

love, Sister Alldredge

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