Monday, August 29, 2016

Telofa! i hope your week was as great as my week! :)

I just want you all to know that Heavenly Father is such a merciful and loving Father... We were able to have the greatest miracle this week!... we had a baptism, well actually 2!! remember the first week in marsden when i told you about how a man in our ward called us and told us the family he home taught wanted their kids to be baptized... well we saw them that first week but they are always so busy so we haven't been able to teach them a ton leading up to this week but we texted her on tuesday this past week and she told us she had talked to Bishop on sunday and they planned the baptism for yesterday! so we literally had 4 days to pull together a baptism and finish all of the lessons. So let me tell you, this week was crazy! hahah! but i love these kids sooo much! So Marley (age 10) and TeManawa (age 9) were convert baptisms and then Leilani (8) and Kingston (8) were child of record. But Leading up to their baptism, Satan was working soo hard on them. We watched it, and the mom, Anahera noticed it as well. Everything seemed to be going wrong! Her son who has a lot of health problems started getting sick, her kids, who usually are really well behaved, were missed behaving, their car didn't start when they were coming to church.. But they stayed strong and it was a beautiful baptism with a lot of their nonmember family members there. I am so grateful for being able to witness these miracles, and i know they will continue to happen if we are exactly obedient.

Also another funny story from this week.. we were following up a former investigator, and we go and knock on his door and this old man comes to the door and starts yelling at us and asking if we know how to read english (because he has a "do not knock" and then it says "no salespeople" and everyone and their dog has one, so we aren't sales people so we always knock :)) and tells us that he told us to never come back when we came before. And so we just kept smiling and apologized and asked if we could do anything to help him. And then he said, :do you want me to throw tomato juice at you?" and we tried to respond but he didn't give us a chance, he runs back inside so we start walking away, and i hear sister lilo say, " he is coming back!!" So i turn around right as he opens the front door and throws dirty fish water at us! Good thing we were out of his reach..hhahah

but yeah, that was my week in a quick short summary. But i love you!!

love, Sister Alldredge

The 4 kids being baptized :)

The sweet Wairepo Family!
Baptism table

Finding in the rain!  My absolute favorite!
Door knocking... hahahahaha

This one is for you daddy 
A painting someone in north pine painted of me