Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Talofa! oa mai oe?
sooo i am learning samoan because i am surrounded by samoans. hahahah its great!

This past week was so long. hahahah It started off really good!! The first day we got a call from a brother in our ward and he said that the family he home teaches needs 4 of their kids to be baptized and 2 are convert baptisms! So we went and met them and they are the sweetest family from New Zealand. She is a single mom and has 7 crazy kids under the age of 10! I cant wait to teach them! I love them already! It is seriously the best feeling when they open And we met a couple part member families that are awesome too! But then on wednesday we had zone meeting and these two big samoans sisters in our zone made a huge feed for lunch..... yeah, i don't know how they have time to cook like that.. hahahah but then Sister Lilo started getting really sick so we had to stay in the flat for half of wednesday, thursday, friday, and most of saturday. I was going crazy. hahah so we didn't get to do too much work this week, but the miracle of the Wairepo family was amazing!

But our area is very small, only 2 suburbs instead of like 9 that we had in north pine! There are heaps of polynesians, and i can't for the life of me pronounce any of their names. I sound soo white. haha. But thats alright, my great companion will help me to learn! church was fun and I love sacrament meeting and just listening to all of them harmonize the hymns. Its my favorite! Sister Lilo is from sydney, she is the oldest of 4 girls and she is so patient and has a great desire to be obedient!

But a funny story from yesterday.. so we have this pretty crazy less active member that we went to see, and she asked if we could do some service for her yard yesterday, and we were so excited! service is the best... so we came and she told us she wanted us to edge her lawn with scissors and to clean up all of her dog poop that was all over her yard and who knows how long some of that has been there for... hahahaha so me and sister Lilo had a great time trimming the grass as she sat up on her porch smoking. hahah

But i am looking forward to these next few weeks and i can't tell you how excited i am that Kyle is loving the MTC! 


love, Sister Alldredge
Mission Leadership Council