Monday, May 16, 2016

Whats up?! soooo Lots has happened this past week and it has been crazy!!

First we found out about transfers... so I'm staying in North Pine! sister enero got transferred up north and my new companions are..... Sister Bauman, Sister Snelgrove and Sister Campbell. So yup im in a quad!! ahaha have you ever heard of that before?! yeah, me neither! I attached our golden harvester we get every transfer that has all the information and stuff... its pretty cool! But it is seriously a dream come true! Sister Bauman was my first sister training leader and we wanted to be companions sooo bad. and so now we are!!!!! she is from near Boise, Idaho and Sister Snelgrove is from Orem. And they are both going home at the end of this transfer! I love them soo much and we just all get along great!!! So us 3 are the sister training leaders and those two will kind of be the traveling STL's so they can go on tradeoffs with those up north and me and sister Campbell, who has been out for 6 months and is from Rotorua, New Zealand, will stay here. So it is very interesting but it will be sooo good! But I guess she has struggled quite a bit on her mission and in her life so we are doing our best to help her! but man, I loooooove being with americans again!! ahahahah we just laugh all the time and we are doing our very best to include sister Campbell because she is also so fun! We are pumped! But we are sharing a small flat with one bathroom and our room was too small so we had to move all of our beds into the living room by the kitchen... hahah all good! plus sister Campbell snores so we have been having to put cotton balls in our ears so we can sleep. :) ahahahah oh its so great!

Another great thing that happened this week was that ELDER ANDERSON came to our mission! along with Lynn G. Robins, and Kevin W Pearson of the pacific area presidency. So that was awesome! We got to shake their hands and it was a great meeting! I just can't believe that President Henderson and sister Henderson are leaving so soon!

but yeah, that was the week so far, it was lots of running around but what was great was that sharen finally came to church!!!! woooooohhhhh! it was really good and most of the ward was good and talked to her and made her feel welcome! So hopefully she will continue to not drink and will stop smoking. so please please pray for her! :)

love you all soooo much! and I hope both grandparents get my letters soon!! and I also finally got kaylee and Parkers letter so thanks for that. :)

love, Sister Alldredge
P-Day With Sister Enero

Those are some huge kangaroos!

Free Running Kangaroos! What?

Goodbye to Sister Yeh
The Awesome Foursome!  Looks like Breanna needs to work either on her timing or her vertical leap!
The new Foursome!

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