Monday, May 23, 2016

Hi family! so im so dumb. I left my planner with all of these things I was going to tell you about at home.. so hopefully I don't forget anything. :) also, sorry I didn't tell you I'm actually going to email you today in time... We met with President yesterday and told us that I'm going on tradeoffs to Gladstone (1hour plane ride) tonight and sister bauman is going to Townsville and sister snelgrove is going to cairns next week. So yeah, I'm super pumped! but sadly that means I will miss our temple p day this week, hopefully we will be able to reschedule to go another time.

well first off this transfer is FLYING by. maybe because we are having sooo much fun. Oh man, I forget what it was like to be with americans. hahah but I love sister Campbell as well. :) But its crazy, sister bauman I'm pretty sure is like a mix of kaylee and sophie... hahah ahh man, I love her so much! its been a long time since I've laughed this hard and this long. :) Like for example..... this past week we decided as a companionship to have a fun activity every night so one night we decided to do the chin thing where we glued googlie eyes and fake hair on our chins, went upside down, and lip sang to some songs from our ABM playlist. hahahha we were laughing so hard. And don't worry, I will show you the video one day. :)

One miracle that we saw.... so we finally got in contact with Darren again after like a month, and he was struggling with smoking and stuff before. So when we went and saw him, he seemed pretty different, but in a good way. And then as we sat down and talked, he said that he hadn't smoked for over 2 weeks and that he had read from the book of Mormon and when we asked him what he thought his next step was, he said regular church attendance so he can prepare to be baptized!!!!! I can't even tell you how amazing that was!!!!! I was serisously sooo happy inside!!! You could just see the change in him and man, that was sooo rewarding to see that change! and to know that God really is in control! He has been preparing his heart for over a few years that the missionaries have taught him and now he is making those changes, and he did it on the few weeks that we didn't see him. Just him and god. And that my friends, is where true conversion comes in!!!! So we are pumped right now for Darren!!!

Sharen has been at her mom's house because her mom is sick, so we haven't been able to see Sharen this week, but last we talked to her, she hadn't drank in over a week! so please keep praying for her!

well I love you all!!!! I hope you have a great week! and I'm sorry if I forgot anything..... Ill let you know next week! love you so much!!!

love, Sister Alldredge

ps. did you get my usb in the mail? or did either grandparents get my card?

                                                      1. me and my beautiful companions!

                                                                 2. us 4 in the car :)

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