Monday, February 8, 2016

Hello family! :) I hope you have all had a great week and that you are enjoying the cold weather now that its February! Hopefully it will start getting warmer there for yall. :) I remember the last couple years around February time was when me, joci and Jake were shoveling the snow off the roof so we could "tan" in the 50 degree weather. hahahah good times! :)

But guess what.. I'm not longer a teenager... woot woot! the big 2-0. :) haha it doesn't really feel like my birthday though, but all goods! :) It has been fun to have sister enero's birthday yesterday and mine today! I sure do love her and man, I don't know what I would do without her right now! This area has been pretty tough and so it has been such a blessing to be able to always have fun and to find the good with Sister Enero! She is very good at that!! But if you have any suggestions of how we can help strengthen and unify our ward here and help them to have a desire to share the gospel, we would LOVE to hear some ideas! There are some amazing people in the ward but it has been tough! :) Don't you just love the grind?! Uhh I love it! :D

I don't have too much to tell about this past week but we were able to go on tradeoffs because the sisters are down from cairns for mission tour, so that was fun! Sister Enero went with Sister Cashman and I went with Sister Evans, a new golden who is the best teacher I have ever seen. I learned soo much from her! So that's one thing that I love about being an STL, you get to learn so much from others and get to meet more people!

One miracle that we did have this week.... We were following up with a investigator and when we went to knock on her door, we looked inside and saw pictures of the prophet and church things all over the walls, we were like, "what the?.. does a member live here?" Then when she opened the door, she was like, "ahhh the angels are here!!!! " And then she told us how she is a "dry Mormon", has been going to church for like 20 years and knows its all true but just hasn't ever been baptized. So she is pretty golden! And so is her son who also wants to be baptized but just didn't get baptized before because the bishop wouldn't let him because he didn't know enough so we are very excited to work with them and to help her make the changes in her life that she so badly wants to do!

But I am so grateful for all of you! And Thanks for the birthday wishes and the presents! I loved them! :D haha It was so fun to open them this morning! But please please please continue to pray for me, we are in need of it right now! :) But don't worry, I am still so happy and finding so much joy in this work! And I just love being a missionary! But man, it is hard. hard hard work. So you just got to keep pushing through the grind so we can be refined!!! And how worth it that is! :)

I love you so much, and I love my savior!! Have a great week!

love, Sister Alldredge

ps. im so sorry but I left my camera reader thing at home so I can't send you pics today. :( sorry! im so sad that you don't get to see me on my birthday but I will send you the pics next week! LOOOVE YOUUUU!!

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