Monday, August 3, 2015

well i don't have too much to tell you guys this week because we just emailed on Wednesday but I just love these beautiful days in Australia! the sunsets are unbelievable and the moon is so huge.. you can see the craters in it and some days I feel like it is as big as the sun! its so beautiful! Also I saw like 6 live kangaroos hopping around this week! craziest thing ever!  

So heaps of miracles have been happening all over our mission as we are striving for the 120 baptisms! This week we had an investigator who is very very very knowledgable about the bible (used to be a jehovahs witness) and he was asking a ton of questions, which would usually be super intimidating but because the spirit was there, me and my companion were able to answer all of his questions with confidence and we were able to help him see why we have the book of Mormon and why we need it. he loves the bible and didn't understand why they would add to the scriptures. but as we were teaching him in the middle of the lesson he just says, if I come to know the book of Mormon is true, I will be baptized and become a Mormon. it was awesome!!! I love teaching and being a missionary!!!! its the best! also he said it would take him a while but I know that if he reads and prays with real intent he will receive an answer!!!

So next sunday we find out if we are going to be transferred or not... ahh man I am nervous! so that means that p-day will be Tuesday! or Monday for you guys, so I will email you then!

well I got to go! crazy busy day I have had today! but we got to go to a trampoline place and to Costco for lunch as a zone. it was sooo fun!!! I love my zone!! and it was so fun to tumble again! well...

-Sister Alldredge

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