Tuesday, August 18, 2015

happy 2 month mark to me! wahoo, ive made it 2 months today! I think this year in a half is going to fly by.... ahhh! But really, i can't believe august is almost over! and school is starting this week... where did that come from!? So crazy! Kyle is going to be a senior, Amber is going to be in high school, Marissa in junior high, and Mandi is going to be one of the oldest in elementary school! ahh, stop growing up!!!! ;) haha jokes, i hope you kids all have a ton of fun! and set a good example to your friends and be friends to everyone and be a missionary!!! but i know you all already do that :) 

 Well guess what... im not the youngest in the mission anymore! there are newer and fresher missionaries that came in so that makes me feel good, haha! also my companion Sister Grawrock got her visa so she is here now! idk where, but im excited to see her! Also this last week, they asked me to do the training in district meeting on the importance of preach my gospel, so i have it all planned out and i go up and start teaching and all of a sudden, i just start crying! ok, i know thats hard to believe, but i have only cried like 1 time since being on my mission, so im pretty sure ive been holding it all back and it decided to all come at as i was giving my training.... oh man.. hahah but its ok because our district is really close so they all just laughed at me, haha but it went alright after that :)

So i told you awhile about a lady that i had just randomly felt like we should knock on her door and she let us in and invited us back... well we went and visited her again last week and man, i LOVE her and her family! they are so sweet! she has 3 little girls elyliah, amelia, and sasha and they are the cutest and they told us we are apart of their family now :) but we are really hoping that she will accept the gospel because she is soo ready and prepared for it! i can tell!!! but the amber, marissa, and mandi.. you should email the little girls! i will send you their email! They would love that! 

So funny story.... the other day i was studying or something before bed, and sister mewa had gone upstairs to get ready for bed like 15 minutes before so i walk upstairs to go get my journal by my bed and she runs in the room and she had braided like half her head in corn rows! and i screamed because i thought she had shaved her head at first, but man! it was the funniest thing ever! ill send yall a pic of her hair! hahahaha but she is amazing at it and can put her whole head in corn rows! its so sweet!!! 

Also on saturday, we were helping a less active clean out her house and storage container she had in the back (this is the lady that hoards EVERYTHING) and i seriously thought i was going to die.... the elders came and helped too but we had to pull everything out of this huge storage thing and organize it all and throw stuff away, but there was soooo much random crap in there that was proabably a hundred years old and there were huge spiders and ginormous cockroaches everywhere... sooo nasty! but we were able to get that all cleaned out and next week we are going back to clean out more of the inside, i will have to take a picture and show you the inside... you wouldn't believe it! there is stuff stacked everywhere all over except a small pathway leading to the bedrooms and kitchen. and they have 2 nasty dogs that they don't wash and they shed and so they just sweep everything to the side of the path way. its really bad... but its good that she is letting us help her clean it out! 

Well i love you allll! good luck with school kids!!!!! and don't forget to be missionaries! cuz thats what all the cool kids are doing ;) LOVE YOU!!!!! 

love, Sister Alldredge 

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