Tuesday, August 11, 2015

FAMILY! oh wow, i feel like it has been forever since i've talked to you! ha! but guess what.... i get to stay in centenary lakes with sister mewa another transfer!!!! hallelujah!!!! we were so relieved when they told us! but man, it was soooo intense.... it was like 10 pm sunday night and we were having a conference call over the phone, and they went through each companionship and said who was staying and who was going and when they said we were both staying, we were screaming because we were so happy!!!!!!! ahhh! we have started so many things here and started teaching so many good investigators so we really didn't want to leave in the middle of it!

but this past week has been crazy! we taught a ton of lessons and talked to a ton of people! mission life is so busy! like on saturday of last week we only had like 30 contacts because we hadn't gone out finding that much so pretty much all of saturday we contacted people around the library and knocked doors and we talked to like 80 people about the gospel... but it was probably one of the funnest days ever! me and sister mewa get along so good, and now we just laugh and have fun all the time! like the other day, we were in beachmere(the picture below) and i was talking to this old couple and then i look over at sister mewa and she had slid down the rocks and her boots were covered in the water! ahhahahah i was laughing so hard as she was trying to climb back up the rocks! soo funny! and then like 10 minutes after that we were driving to a members house and we saw a peacock on the side of the road so i got out to take a picture and sis mewa ended up taking a video of me chasing it and then almost tripping, ill see if i can send it to yall. :) 

So pretty much everyone makes fun / points out my hard american accent. apparently it has to do with saying your r's really hard or something, idk :) but ill pick up the australian accent sooner or later! 

so we found a couple families this week while knocking doors and contacting which i am sooo excited about!!! and also our investigator kelvin, the ex jehovahs witness who knows everything, came to church!! which was sooo good! but when we saw him last week and asked him about the book of mormon he said that it was inspired like the bible was, it was like a shot to the heart but he said he will continue to read it and to pray to know if it is true!!! 

Well i love you all soooo much! and i pray for you and i can feel your prayers! I love this gospel and i love this work that i am able to be apart of! LOVE YOUS!!!!!!! (aussie's always say yous :))

love, Sister Alldredge

new fav scripture: Alma 26:12

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