Monday, August 31, 2015

So this past week was sooo good! Me and sister mewa were really trying to work as hard as we could and it definietly paid off! WE SET OUR FIRST BAPTISMAL DATE!!!!!! wooooooooh!!!!!!!!! so we met this guy named Bruce last week when we were talking to people at Bribie Island and he took our card and acted pretty interested and then he called us to see when we could come see him!! so we went and saw him and we set a baptismal date for september 19th on the first lesson! There are people everywhere prepared to hear about the gospel, we just have to find them! What a miracle!

Also next week is temple p-day! woooooooh! so i wont be emailing until wednesday, just so yall know! im sooo excited to go to the temple! it is such a blessing to be able to go every transfer! But guess what that means... its almost end of transfers.. soooo scary! i don't want to leave centenary lakes or sister mewa! i wish i could just take sister mewa with me wherever i go for the rest of my mission!!! but we will see what happens :)

Also some funny things about australia.... so they have a seperate room for the toilet and then the sink and the shower and stuff are in their own room. Also the toilet has 2 buttons that you can push, one is for a half a flush and one is for a full flush, crazy huh? also everyone has stickers on their doors that say "do not knock" so that makes it super fun we were are door knocking! :) Also i have been able to try passionfruit, taro (a purple potato thing), chopped sui (noodles and meat and stuff), corned beef and cabbage, milo, meat pies, custard and fruit, and everyone calls fries= chips, cookies=biscuits, lollies= candy. so yeah, thats some fun things about australia!

But i hope you all have a great week! and i will talk to you next wednesday! LOVE YOUS!

-Sister Alldredge

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