Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Wooh. what a week. :) I was so grateful that it was temple p-day today! I just loove the temple! 

But thanks for your last letter! I loved the snowflakes and i hung them up by my desk so it feels more like Christmas time.. but it doesn't work that well because it is sooooo hot and humid and sweaty.  

This past week we had a lot happen... We had tradeoffs with Sister Grawrock and her companion, so i got to go with Sister Grawrock! It was soo fun. haha We worked hard and we were able to find 3 new investigators that day, Miracle!!!! also we did 2 surprise perfect mornings with the kenmore sisters and the emp sisters. (we surprise them at 6:30 am and workout and do studies with them to make sure they are doing it) It was soo fun! And Sister Kunz is in our region so i got to see her!! I can't wait to go on tradeoffs with her!

But this past week i found out that Jordan Morrison, a girl i taught in Cairns got baptized!!! yeahhh! so exciting! And we have this girl that is 9 named Sosefina getting baptized soon. I have taught her ever since i have been in this area, we were just waiting to get permission for her to be baptized since she is not adopted to the active family she is living with.. but the family just told us yesterday that they want to postpone it.. im pretty sure its because they want to have a big feast and stuff and so they are planning it... please pray that they will set a date soon.. thanks! 

But i have to go because its the elders turn.. ha but ill talk to you on monday!!! LOVE YOU ALL!!!!

love, Sister Alldredge

Surprise Trade-off!

More Surprise Trade-off!

Waiting for our car to be serviced!  Not watching the the election :-)

Brisbane selfie!

Temple Selfie!
The Zone
Sisters at the Temple
Brisbane and Sister Galang

Knocking doors with Sister Galang - She's the best!

Sisters from the Zone!