Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Hello! Hopefully you all have fun plans for halloween... because Australia is lame and doesn't do much here, but its all good. :) Sorry, i wont write much today.. I started getting sick yesterday so i'm feeling pretty weak today, but hopefully i will be all good tomorrow so i can go out and keep working hard! :) 

This past week was soo great! I loved training, but I love having a companion who knows what they are doing and we can just work work work. We were blessed to see some amazing miracles this past week.. We saw this one part member family, and it is this less active philippino that is married to this old, white, new zealand guy, and he is always making jokes and its tough to keep him focused when we are teaching, but this past week we read the Book of Mormon with them, and we got him to read 2 verses!!! It was awesome! He usually interrupts our lessons, but the spirit was so strong from reading that he was just sitting there listening! And then after Nida gave us chocolates because we got him to read. hhaahah Another miracle lesson we had was with this 81 year old lady, she was adamant about not wanting to read the Book of Mormon, but after we explained to her what it was, and what was in the Book of Mormon, she was really interested and was flipping through and saying, 'hmmm, wow, this sounds interesting." The Book of Mormon is sooo powerful!!! I love it. 

So a fun fact about filipinos, they want to be white. It was so funny this past week because Sister Galang was freaking out because her forehead was starting to get tan and so she was putting on heaps of sunscreen plus her whitening foundation.. hahaha 

Also this week on saturday, we had a stake missionary cultural night activity. Each ward had performances of different cultures and there was a huge turnout! It was awesome!!! Then last night, we had a musical fireside to finish off the weekend and President McSwain came and spoke and all the missionaries sang and there were recent converts that bore their testimonies. It was soo good!

But i am excited for this coming week and I know we will continue to see many miracles! Love you all soo much! 

Love, Sister Alldredge

by the way.. next week is temple pday so we wont be having pday until thursday! 
Candies with Sister Galang!
Riding bikes!
New car with backup camera!

Note from member neighbor!

Groceries from member!

Dang! Very full fridge!

Feast upon the word!

Beautiful flowers and trees!

Nasty lizard

Stake activity

Stake activity!  New member!

Tongan dancing

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