Monday, November 14, 2016

Hey fam, it felt like i just emailed you yesterday... hahahah so this will be short and sweet. :) 

So me and Sister Galang witnessed lots of miracles this past week! One in particular, we followed up someone that the sisters taught last tranfser, He was about 40 years old and pretty rough looking and he immediately lit a cigarette as soon as we sat down. But when we asked him about his Book of Mormon reading, he said he was up to Jacob 5. We were so surprised! So we asked his about what he learned and he told us a few things. And as we taught him, the spirit was soo strong. So we invited him to be baptized and he accepted and then he said, "I feel good." It was one of those moments that melted my heart and makes me want to stay here forever!! :) hahah But we have some work to do with him to help him prepare, so please pray for Shaden!! 

Also remember how i told you that Jordan from Cairns got baptized? Well a member had contacted me the day before she was getting baptized and they had me record and send a video to them expressing my love for Jordan and such so she could watch it at her baptism, and this is what Jordan emailed me as well as her mom.....

Hello Sis Alldredge I was happy to watch your video of you talking to me at baptism you have my ticket your name I wrote you showed It I have God in heart  it and Jesus loves me you are my friend loves God to I hope to visit at you with sister Yee.


Hi it's me Sister Morrison  
Thank you - so grateful for your video, it was a huge surprise for Jordon and it made it for the event and was played to her in front of all congregation just moments prior to her leaving the chapel and entering the waters for baptism - many tears shed for the love you expressed for her as she was clapping and saying your name, huge grin hanging off every word you said. I can not tell you how much in words to express the impact you have had on each of the Morrison Families' lives and specially Jordon, she has loved and enjoyed the friendship and sister hood she has found in you. You have a beautiful soul and touched us each deeply. This act of effort to get a video to Jordon at her baptism was icing on the cake, so appreciated and of great worth, today she received the gift of the Holy Ghost she was so cute just wanted her mum when the hands came off her head so no one got a hand shake until she held my hand first then a quick grab of Step Dads Ian Morrisons hand as he returned to his seat squeezed his hand and said thank you as he is the one who said the prayer for the Holy Ghost gift.
Then she at end of sacrament shaked the hands of 
Brother Palmer 
Brother Gosney
Brother Kimmi 
Brother Tou 

it's been one huge high all week she's different many have noticed and said truly a change I am so glad that she never gave up on asking to be baptized - it truly was gods wish for her. I wish you could have seen it. But know your love allowed her to seek more of in what she felt each time you visited the pure love of Christ it certainly began with your love and interest in her - thank you for helping her find her way home xxx 

Love you and miss you soo much xxxx 

What a tender mercy.. My heart is soo full. I am soo happy for their sweet family!! But i love you all sooo much. I hope you are enjoying the cold weather because it just keeps getting hotter here! :) haha love you and see you soon!

love, Sister Alldredge
Jordon with Brother Morrison

The Morrisons after Jordon's baptism.