Monday, September 19, 2016

Oi Tudo bem! :)

hahah i think i have had companions from just about everywhere! So cool! Well this past week was crazy! On wednesday the goldens arrived and we drove to the mission home to meet them.. i was nervous! hahaha When we got there all of the trainers and the sister training leaders and zone leaders were there, and guess who i got to see... sister Enero!!!!!! i haven't seen her since may! It was a happy reunion and she totally started crying. :) ahhaha i missed her a lot! Then after awhile we went downstairs where President was talking to all of the goldens and then they looked back and all of us and started freaking out. hahahah it was so funny. It made me remember back to my first day on the mission... soo scary! haha Then the assistants started calling the goldens up one by one, and then describing their trainer, and then announce who it was, and the trainer would come up and hug their golden and get a picture. A lot of the time everyone is so awkward walking up and then giving an awkward side hug.. so its pretty funny to watch. :) so as I was looking at all of the goldens, i was trying to see which one was my companion (because i knew her name) and then in the very back of the room, i saw this tiny tiny little sister going crazy hugging onto her thai mtc companions as she sat there waiting. hahah and of course they call me her last... so when she went up, one of the assistants was describing me, saying even though i wasn't "large in stature" that i was mighty or whatever.. and then he called my name and before they could announce which area it was, i had already ran to the front of the room and almost knocked her over when we hugged. ahahahah and as we were laughing and hugging, sister costa says, "OH! shes small like me! " and so then everyone was laughing! She is hilarious, let me just tell you that right now. :) So that was a fun experience!

So Sister Costa is from Favela, Rio, Brazil. She has been baptized for 3 years and she is 26 years old. She was brought up in a pretty rough environment, and has lots of scary stories about bandits and things that happen in her home town. She has good english, but struggles to understand aussies because they speak so fast, but that doesn't stop her! It was so funny, the first door we knock on, someone opens it and sis Costa says, "does mary live here?" i kind of looked at her confused, becuase it caught me off guard.. hahaah then she introduced who we were and stuff, and then when the lady responded, she just looked at me really puzzled because she couldn't understand. ahahhaah so funny. also she will clap outside of houses and yell random names to get people to come outside. I try to tell her that we aren't in Brazil anymore but she doesn't care. hahah She did serve in Brazil for a transfer before going to the provo MTC for 9 weeks so she has been out for 3 months already. But one super cool thing about her... so awhile ago when Elder Anderson of the quorum of the 12 came to our mission, he was asking people to raise their hands from different countries, and when he said south america, no one raised their hands. So then he said, "well, when you get a missionary from south america here, you will know that i assigned them to come here." and Sister Costa is the first one in ages that has been assigned to the ABM! How cool is that?! I feel so honored to be her trainer. :)

Ok, funniest experience this week... we were door knocking and after talking to this guy for a bit, he said, "man, you two are short. When i first opened the door i thought you were hobbits!"... hahahahahahahahahha we were laughing so hard afterwards. hahah and a few more people have mentioned our height since then, so it will probably continue. :)

Well I love you sooo much! thanks for all of your support and love. Have a great week!

love, sister Alldredge

Me and Sister Costa!  My little Brazilian Golden!

Love love love these girls!

My family away from home!

Sister Costa trying to stay awake during planning....hahahahaha so funny.  She was pacing the floor and doing wall sits because she kept dozing off and not paying attention sitting down.  Just a tad bit of jet lag.

The 4 Sisters in the flat: Sister Salu from Samoa, Sister Custan from the Philippines, Sister Costa, and me

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