Monday, September 26, 2016

Hey family!!!!! :)

This was a really great week! The best thing that happened what that we had a all sisters meeting with Sister McSwain, all day long on wednesday! It was so fun and i got to see Sister Sweet, Enero and Lilo. My companions that I miss soo much... but i will send you pictures of it when they put them up on the ABM blog. They had a guest speaker and the STLs and well as Sister and President McSwain gave trainings, and we had lunch and dinner that the assistants served to us. And they had us all introduce ourselves, and it was so funny... our region went up and i introduced myself, and i mentioned that i like to play sports and exercise, and then Sister Costa went, and the first thing she said was, "i testify that that is true! She kills me every morning when we exercise!" hahaha so everyone thought that was pretty funny. :)

But we were able to do lots of service this week, mowing lawns, washing cars, folding laundry, vaccuuming and mopping, sewing pillows.. lots of service! which i love!

But i am so sorry for sending short emials for 2 weeks in a row.. i will repent and try to send you a longer one next week with more details...

Just know that life is good, training is a great learning experience and Sister Costa is heaps of fun!

Love you all!!!

love, Sister Alldredge

                                                                   1. Chae's baptism

                                          2. i may be smiling, but im not enjoying this at all.
              3. during our fun family home evening we are doing as a flat on friday nights :)
                                                              4. my dear sister sweet

5. me and my little golden

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