Monday, September 12, 2016

I know you are all dying to know what happened with transfers.......... so i'm staying, and training. woot woot. But i'm soooo sad that Sister Lilo is leaving! I will miss her sooo sooo much. But I'm excited to train! Plus they are adding 2 other sistesr in marsden and so there will be 4 of us in the flat. my favorite! Heavenly Father is so kind to me. But i think my golden will be from Brazil! But ill find out for sure on wednesday :)

but this past week was really good! I'll send you pictures next week when I get them from sister Lilo. Like last p-day, we had a nerf gun war with our zone. It was the best p-day ever! the elders set up this cool obstacle course in the cultural hall and we split up into teams and if you got hit you had to run to this room and recite a scripture before going back in. hahah it was so fun!

Also we got another sister, Sister Malau to come and stay with us this week to help her know how to train for this coming transfer.  And so one day we saw this part member family we have really been working with and the mom, Amy, broke down and was having a really hard time with everything. So we came back and cleaned and I did the dishes for 3 hours while sister Lilo and Malau cleaned the family room. It was so dirty and nasty, but somehow I made it through. :) And then afterwards Amy asked us what we were doing for dinner the next day, but i did NOT want to eat there. And so i was just like, well.. ill have to check my schedule but I think we may have an appointment,... so she said, thats alright, you can just come the next day. So i knew we were not going to get out of it.... so we went and had dinner and it wasn't too bad! I just tried not to think about what she used to make the food with and if she washed her hands or not... but i'm still alive so no worries. :)

also family, thanks for the letters and pictures! I loved them! :D kyle looks so cute in his mission clothes. :)

Well I love you!!!!

                                                                  1. nerf gun war

                                              2. our favorite family!!!!!! the sweet Taylors!

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