Monday, October 12, 2015

This past week has probably been the best week of my mission so far! first of all, general conference was soooo good! and it went by so fast! but i sure loved it! plus we saw so many miracles this week... ahh i just feel so blessed! I love being able to share this gospel with people and seeing how it can change lives!

So one of the many miracles that happened this week.... so we were watching the sunday afternoon session of general conference and it was just about to end and none of our investigators had came which we were pretty bummed about, but as we were listening to the closing song, the branch president's daughter told us that someone outside wanted to talk to us, so we went out and it was our investigators, patty and thomas! and they had biked all the way from our area to the elders area (where the chapel is) through the pouring rain to get to church! we were so bummed that they missed it but man, it was a miracle that they came!!!! Fasting works miracles, let me tell you!! :) but they said that they would come back next week, now that they knew where it was! 
Another miracle we had.. we were deciding who to go see because our appointments had all fallen through, so we were prompted to go see this former investigator and as we got there, we were talking to the 2 daughters and the mom pulls up in her car and then comes and talks to us. but then she tells us that she was wondering why the sisters stopped coming around and that she wants to join the church! ahh man! heavenly father is preparing people everywhere, we just have to be worthy and listening to the spirit to know who is ready! 
So this past week for our district meeting, our awesome senior couple, who i love sooo much (named elder and sister boyce from st george), told us that we would be getting trained on something that the rest of the mission wouldn't be getting until december, but president henderson said that they could train us on it because the cairns district is already ahead of the rest of the mission anyways, :) so they trained us and challengened us to memorize the living christ. so ive memorized the first 8 paragraphs so far, so its been really good! so i challenge you all to memorize it! it has brought me closer to my savior so far and i know it will help you feel closer as you do it as well! 
well i love you!!! and im soo grateful for this gospel!! It is such a blessing to have it in our lives!
love, Sister Alldredge

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