Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Ni Hao family! (sis yee has been teaching me chinese :)) well sorry i didn't email you yesterday, it was a public holiday so they decided to have a proselyte yesterday and change p-day to today! But i am glad that they did because we had heaps of miracles yesterday! But this past week has been sooo good! I know i say it a lot but i love being a missionary! even though its tough and the alarm goes off in the morning right after my head hits the pillow at night, there is a joy that you can't explain that comes from sharing the gospel and seeing people feel of the spirit and changing their lives because they know the church is true! I love love love it.

well this past week i have prawns (shrimp) and had to break off the head and shell and everything to eat it, it wasn't too bad actually... and apparently we are having homemade sushi at this japanese ladies house this week so I guess i will just have to get used to sea food, but its not too bad! also funny story, we were at the japanese ladies house (member in the ward) last week and we were talking about her cats and she told us that one of them died and she goes over to her shelf and pulls something out of it covered in a white sheet and it was her cat that had died, she had got it stuffed but it was so funny! me and sister yee were trying so hard not to laugh... ahh oh man! i love sister yee, we get along so good! 

Also this week we were in gordonvale, a small town that has the sugar cane fields, and we were walking around and we kept seeing people all dressed up fancy and stuff and then someone told us that they were having a big horse race! and so later on that day we drove by the horse track and it looked just like off of my fair lady! ahh it was so cool! 

So another funny story, so our assistant branch mission leader, who actually served in our mission and finished right before i got here, got up to bear his testimony and for his job he works with troubled youth and so he had said that 3 of his boys(age 11) he was looking after one night told him that they had seen jesus, so he asked them more about it, and they said that jesus was actually two girls, an american and a chinese. and then they showed him the pass along card and he realized that we must have talked to them! but apparently they had run away from the home but since we stopped them and gave them a pass along card and told them that they were children of God, they decided to go back home. Funny huh! 

So a miracle that happened this week, we were trying to figure out which street we should go knock and neither one of us were getting any feelings or impressions so we picked a street and it ended up just being a bunch of car garages so we walked to the next street and we finally remembered this less active that lived close by so we went to his flat and no one was there so as we were leaving his neighbor poked his head out the door and asked what we were doing. so we started talking to him and we found out he was from sweeden and he didn't believe in God but we told him what we do and started teaching him and by the end we were able to get him to pray right there on the spot! but it was so cool! For someone who didn't believe in God 5 minutes before to praying to him, wow what a cool experience! Also another cool experience, we were visiting this less active family and we sat outside for like 5 minutes trying to figure out what we should teach them because we didn't feel good about teaching them what we had planned, so after awhile sister yee mentioned the mormon message "hope of gods light" because it always made her feel the spirit so we decided to do that and it was sooo cool! the spirit was sooo strong and the father, who is really rough looking and has tatoos and piercing all over his face and stuff who never talks in our lessons in the past really opened up and told us about experiences when he knew that God was there and when he felt the spirit and the mom as well and she started crying. but it was just the best feeling ever! Those feelings right there make coming on a mission worth every second! Seeing people feel the spirit and have a desire to change because of it.. ahhh its sooo cool! and i am so grateful that the spirit is the real teacher and not me because then lessons wouldn't go over very well... :) God knows exactly what they need to hear and as long as we listen to the spirit, we can be that instrument so they hear exactly what God wants to tell them. 

Also, do you know if we have a relative named Alan Alldredge who served in sydney in like the 1970s? Because I met this man named Brother Jennings in the first branch who was baptized by him and he was wondering if i'm related to him, so thats pretty cool! 

Also quick last funny story... so you know the trick where you have someone sit with their legs apart and then you pour water and give them 2 forks to hold on to and then you tell them they have to stab your hand before you wipe up all the water?.. if you don't know ask kaylee or kyle, but i decided to do it to sister taulagia, so i told her i wanted to show her an object lesson that kaylee did on her mission and so i sat her down and gave her the forks and poured the water and told her i was going to try to wipe it up and stuff and also that she needed to think of what each thing represents in the gospel ( they really didn't represent anything, but it made the game less suspicious) so she was really concentrating and thinking hard about what it would represent and getting ready to stab my hands so i say, "go" and then i throw the towel over her head and pulled her legs so her bum dragged over the puddle of water... oh man, it was the funniest thing i have ever seen! we were all dying! she totally fell for it! hahahahah i sure love the sisters that we live with! :) 

Well i love you all sooo much! i hope you have a good week! and i hope dad's surgery goes ok! Let me know how it goes, and please send me pictures of the family each week, i forgot what you all look like. ;)  Also i cant even wait for conference this weekend..... i'm sooo excited!!!!!! LOVE YOUS!!!!

love, Sister Alldredge

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