Monday, October 19, 2015

So this is gonna be a short email... because today the zone leaders had this brilliant idea to hike "the pyramid," which is the 2nd highest mountain in queensland and its a pretty much a vertical hike and hit was sooo hot and humid that i couldn't even breath! but it was fun! so I am dead right now. I can't feel my legs hahaha  but the zone leaders said it would only take like 3 hours but it took us like 5 so i only have like a half an hour to email. so sad. :) 

This past week has been awesome!!!!! and this transfer is flying by.. oh man its crazy! We were working very hard last week and we were able to teach more than 40 lessons! We have been blessed so much and have seen many many miracles! And we know that those only come through exact obedience and hard hard work and constantly praying and listening to the spirit. But listen to this... so lately we have been talking about how we wanted to go to part our of area that is kind of far away, its actually a aboriginal reservation called Yarrabah. But we were able to go this last saturday! Because it is kindof a sketchy town, we went with this super old couple in our ward from yarrabah that everyone knows and our ward mission leader.  But it was probably the best day of my mission so far! We were able to see a lot of people thanks to the Staffords. But they are the funniest old couple ever.. oh man, i want to send you this video we took of them in the car.. but she is going blind and he has short term memory so when they told us that they could come, they said that they knew exactly where everyone lived so they could just tell us where to go, but when we got there, our mission leader asked them where to turn, and sister Stafford says, "I can't see, you tell em sweety." and he was just like "I can't remember." Oh, it was so funny! hahahah It happened like 5 times! haha but thanks to the Lord's help, we were able to go to the homes of those that we were supposed to see, And pretty much all of them let us come in and teach them a lesson! I love aborignal people, so so humble! But the drive to Yarrabah is beeautiful! as we were driving through the canyon, there was a ton of bush and rainforest around us, and then we came up higher and it looked over the pacific ocean over by cairns and we could see the coast and the gorgeous beaches on the side.. so beautiful! I will take a picture next time we go! I can't wait to go back! But we really feel that we will be able to start a branch in Yarrabah. I know it is possible and I know we can baptize heaps with the Lords help! We are planning to have a big showing of Meet the Mormons soon and hopefully a sacrament meeting there one sunday, so that will be soo good! the work is hastening people! 

Also, update on Patty and Thomas, so they came again to church this week which was so good! and also another miracle, Thomas's dad who is a pastor from another church brought them and told us that he would come and bring Patty and Thomas next week!!!! 

Oh, Good news! President and Sister Henderson are coming up this weekend for interviews and a zone conference! Wooh! I am so excited to see them! 

But i love you all! and sorry this is a crazy scattered email, but just know i love you and I am so happy here serving the Lord! There is no where else i would rather be right now!!! 

love, Sister Alldredge

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