Monday, September 14, 2015

This week flew by! Thanks to temple p-day and staying busy! but guess what, this week we find out about transfers.. so ill be emailing you next tuesday on transfer day! but man, i am nervous.. idk what to expect! but it makes me sad if i have to leave some of these people i have come to love soooo much! but i will do whatever the Lord asks me to do! 

So funny story, this week we were visiting this old lady and we were trying to teach her about the restoration and so we gave her a pamphlet to follow along in and she just opens it up and flips through the pages and starts reading about joseph smith and how he got the preisthood and stuff and she just looks at the picture and points to joseph smith and says "that must be billy graham." or some name like that, she said he was some religious guy for way back when but it was so funny cuz she wouldn't really let me and sister mewa talk and explain who it was.. ahh man! and then she was talking about other religions that she had seen and how there was this one called the holy rollers and they would roll up in white sheets and roll down the isles of the chapel, so crazy! 

So it rained this past week but its weird, when it rains here its just like a constant mist, its hard to explain, but its crazy! also we were driving home one day and it was dark and there were so many bats flying everywhere! it was crazy! also we saw this HUGE snake skin by someones front door that was probably like 9 feet long and we got scared and ran away, it was huge! 

 But i hope all is week, and i love you allll sooo much! i pray for you everyday! and i hope that dads foot is doing well and that he is not too sore. well i LOVE YOU!!!!! have a great week! and get ready for general conference coming up! wooot wooot!!!!

love, Sister Alldredge

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