Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Hello errybody, did you have a good week? Mine was awesome! :) haha except it has gone by so fast and so much has happened... but guess what?!....so we find out if we are getting transferred on sunday night, but on saturday i was on trade offs with sister Bauman (my favorite person ever from idaho) and we get a call from the assistants. so i answer it and the AP asks me if we are full time car, so i say yes, and so he asks if we could pick someone up from the airport coming down from up north, so i say sure, so he tells me the flight number and then he says he is going to spell out the sister's name. so he starts spelling it out while i am copying it down, and i spell b r e a n n a and i think, oh the sister must have the first name as me, then he does the last name a l l and so i stop him and i was like, why are you spelling my name? i know how to spell my name, and he says because you are going to cairns! i was so shocked! but apparently they call on saturdays if you are going up to the northern zone so after I got over the shock they told me my flight was on monday at 7:15 and that it would take 2 1/2 hours so yup, now IM IN CAIRNS! (pronounced cans)  so i had to say good bye to some of my favorite people ever, which is sooo sad and so hard! but i'm so excited for this change! I guess when you go up north you have to do district meeting and zone meeting over skype (weird huh!) because all the areas are so spread out! also, everyone that comes up north stays for like 6 months so if I stay that long I will be here until my half way mark... that is so weird to think about! also that means that I wont see president or sister henderson until the transfer that they are going home, so that is super sad as well, but i could not be any more excited to be in cairns! ahahahahah! But when I was talking to all of the missionaries and senior missionaries, they were all saying that this is the best area in the whole mission!  it is also sister mewa's area that she served in last year, so thats cool! so yup, now I am with sister Yee! she is from singapore and she is 24. there are also 2 other sisters in our flat that we are sharing and one is from samoa and the other sister is from idaho! but i love having 4 sisters in a flat! plus our flat is sooo nice. ill have to send you pictures but it is really nice! but man is it beautiful here! Its soo tropical and as soon as I got out of the airport I could feel the humidity. So pretty much I have been blessed to go to the best area in my mission in the hottest part of summer! and sorry that email was all over the place... haha I will work on that :)

1. saying goodbye to sister mewa, im gonna miss her! (please write her on email, she loved your letter but her family still isn't writing her) also notice my awesome green stone necklace from new zealand that a member gave me

2 me, sister talugia, sister mcmichael, and sister yee

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