Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Soo I think I might have told you all wrong but transfers aren't until september 22nd so I'm still with sister Mewa for another week and a half! wooot wooot. But this past week was a big growing and learning week (aka hardest week of my mission so far) but its all good! :) It's all apart of that refining process as we work towards that mighty change of heart! Sister Mewa was pretty sick so we had to stay home a couple days and take it really easy because she kept having asthma attacks. It was scary! One day last week we were at ward correlation meeting and she kept coughing so i went to get her inhaler in the car and after i got it she was coughing so hard that she was uncontrollably throwing up and i didn't know what to do! so luckily our ward mission leader was there but we finally got her to calm down and use her inhaler. so pretty much this past week i have been the mom and made sure she got her rest and didn't work too hard and made sure she felt ok as i closed my eyes and patted her on the back as she threw up in the toilet and stuff like that, super fun! :) So i got to stay home and watch mormon messages and write letters and read ensigns and stuff but funny story, as i was watching a mormon message, there was one that had my mtc investigator as the main person! i was so surprised because i thought for sure he wasn't actually a member! but it was crazy! its called "fathers and son" by m russell ballard and i taught dylan for like a week in the mtc.  


So i sent a letter home so look forward to that! :) but sorry i don't have much to write about this week, but not very much happened, but i will be writing you in like 5 days anyways so ill have some good stories by then! :) love yous!!!!


love, Sister Alldredge 

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