Wednesday, July 29, 2015

malo e lelei

so... I finally saw a kangaroo!! and a huge spider! wahoo! its finally starting to feel like Australia! :) also this "winter" weather is super rough... not. it has been super nice and warm lately, just like it is in may/june back home. I love it! its great! but this past week has been soo great! I love the mission. and I love my zone! im so nervous for transfers cuz I don't want anyone in our zone to leave.. oh well :) but this last p-day, we had us, and like 4 others companionships of elders that all came to a church and we played ping pong for hours! but sister mewa didn't want to play so it was me, and like 8 elders. it was so fun! except the elders would gang up on me every single time... ahh man! it was so fun! :)

so this week we had tradeoffs with the STL's and I got to be with sister Bauman! best day ever!! I just love her so much! she reminds me a lot of lynae barlow, so we just had a ton of fun preaching the gospel all day! I hope we are companions sometime!!

oh funny story.. so the elders in our ward lost their phone a couple days ago, so we have been making fun of them and stuff for it but then last week, sister mewa washed our phone in the washer... so then we were both phoneless.. what a pain! hahaha but its ok because we got a new one the next day at the specialized zone training with president Henderson and another zone. it was so good!! and they have really been changing some major things in the mission, but it is going to help us and push us so much! we will get 120 baptisms in august!!!

so on Saturday we had our first baptism!!! cute little hayzel! but she is 8 years old but I guess it counts as a convert because her parents aren't members but they will be soon! :) but it was hayzel and her 3 cousins baptisms and they had me and my comp give the talks, so that was fun! but they showed up at 4:30 when it was supposed to start at 4 so that was awkward but apparently that's how all polenesians are! and then they had a huge feast afterwards and we walk in and there was an entire pig on the table. it was huge!!!! but I love the maori people! they are my favorite!

also mom, you will be happy to hear but I have been playing the piano for zone meetings and district meetings and a little in church too... so thanks mom :)

so today we got to go to the temple! it was soooo good!!!! the cute little Brisbane temple in the city, love it. but we had to go to the 8:00 session so we had to get up at like 4:30... it was so earlly... but then we got to ride the train with all the elders which was super fun! I love being a missionary!! well I love you all!!!!!! have a good rest of the week! Ofa Atu!

-Sister Alldredge

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