Sunday, July 19, 2015


oh how i miss you, and there are some times during the day that i think about you and just want to hug each one of you so bad but then i just think, i can hug them for eternity, 18 months is nothing! :) but this week was really good! we saw a lot of miracles and had some crazy/super awkward experiences! haha but i also hit my 1 month mark this week! and it was so funny, so i got done working out and i go in the bathroom after sis mewa got out of the shower and all of these balloons were all over the bathroom, hahaha and then i come downstairs after i get dressed and she pulls out this sparkler she had under her blanket and lit it and was yelling and saying happy 1 month mark... ahhh she is so fun! i just love her! it was also her 1 year mark on thursday so we got to celebrate both this week! 

so a SUPER awkward/hilarious thing that happened this week.... so we got to a former investigators house just to see if they are still interested and stuff, and we walk up and the mom was just leaving but the dad said we could come talk to him and his mother in law. and they were both from india but he was crazy!!! so we were just getting to know him and asking what he did for work and stuff and then he tells us that he was a fitness model, and then he pulls out his phone and shows us a picture of him shirtless flexing... so awkward..hahahha so me and sis mewa were just like looking at eachother and then tried to change the subject. so then we were talking again and he brought up how coconut oil makes your hair thicker and he was saying i really needed it... haha so as we were leaving, he was like, do you want to try some in your hair? and so i was like, sure! why not? cuz i thought it would just be a little bit, so all of a sudden he starts pouring it onto my head and then he starts massaging it into my head!!! i was like dying at this point.... and so i was like, ill do it!! and he was like no, i know how to do it. so i look at sis mewa and she was trying not to laugh and it was so awkward... then his wife walks in from picking up the kids and he was massaging coconut oil into my hair... which was so awkward, but she acted like it was totally normal! oh man, it was hilarious! so then we leave and me and sis mewa were just laughing our heads off because he put on enough to cover my whole head when i just thought he was going to do a couple drops and we didnt have time to go shower and rinse it out, so for the rest of the day, i had oil all in my hair. so yeah, that will be a fun story to tell to my kids! :) 

so a crazy experience that happened was this week... we were knocking doors last week and talked to this really spiritual lady that said we could come back this week, so we go to see her and she invited us into her home but told us not to touch her crystals that she had. so we got in, and there a these HUGE like as tall as me crystals everywhere and she had a ton of statues and stuff, and then we go to her back patio and she has this big brass pyramid thing with blocks with symbols on it everywhere and a knife and scissors on her table and stuff so me and sis mewa started like freaking out! we didn't know what to do.... so we just told her we didn't have much time cuz we wanted to get out of there! so as we are talking to her, she tells us all of this crazy stuff she believes and then after like 10 mintues, sis mewas leg fell asleep and she was like, "thats because your body isnt ready to hear the things i have to tell you." it was super weird.. and kind of creepy! 

but guess what.. im having my first baptism this week!!! so pumped!! she is 8 years old but her parents arent members, so they said that counts as a convert i guess...but hopefully we will be able to teach her parents and help them to be baptized too! but i will send you pics of the baptism! because it is hazel, the 8 year old, and her 3 other cousins who are 8 and we are teaching them all! its super fun! 

also we had dinner with the bishop and they are thinking they are going to utah in october for conference so that would be awesome if you could meet them!!!! they are so cool and they took us to a thai restaurant for dinner last week! dinner appointments are the best, i just love the members in my ward! 

oh by the way, we have temple week next week so i will be emailing you on wednesday, or i guess tuesday night for you guys! but we get to go to the temple every transfer! isn't that so lucky?! im in the best mission in the world.  Also that means that transfers are coming up... which scares me! sis mewa thinks she will be transferred because she said when goldens are doing pretty good, they like to get a follow up trainer. or she thinks im going to train for my second transfer because a couple missionaries have done that in our mission! i just laugh at her because there is no way! and that would be really scary!... haha 

but I LOVE YOU!!! and i love emailing and hearing all about what is going on! please send me more pictures over email! you are the best.

-Sis Alldredge

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