Monday, October 17, 2016


I cannot believe that it is already week 6 of the transfer... this transfer has gone wayy too fast!! so that means we will be finding out about transfers this saturday.. im really nervous....... so please pray for me and for my mission president that he will be able to follow the spirit in knowing what i should do. But no matter what happens, i want you all to know that I will give everything that I absolutely can. I will sprint to the finish and i will come home exhausted. But I dont need to focus on that now. :)

Well this past week we had interviews with the mission president. I just love talking to President and his wife!! When sis Costa was in her interview, I got to talk to Sister McSwain. I have gotten really close with her, and she told me that she almost started crying when she thought about me going home soon. She is soo sweet and is soo genuine, she reminds me of mom a lot. Also one thing that I loved that the APs told us in their training was, "the comforter cannot give you comfort when you are in your comfort zone ." I loved that! Because it is soo true. I have really learned that in missionary work, at times when I really want to work on a certain attribute or something, and I pray for a trial to help me to acquire it, I have gotten what i asked for. ha But I know that God is there to help me through the whole thing, and that he wants more than anything for me to acquire those attributes i want to have so i can be more Christlike. And times i think, I need to suffer through this alone so i can make those changes, when in reality, the only way I will change, is if I rely on the atonement.

also this past week, we were able to show the Taylor family a conference talk because they didn't come to conference. We showed them the one by Ronald A. Rasband, and it was amazing the spirit that was brought into their home and how we didn't need to do any of the teaching. We watching the video, and then Kristy and Jayd both told us of the promptings they had received, and the feelings they felt. That was a major tender mercy that we were blessed to witness this past week.

It was also the primary program!!!! aaahhhh! Let me tell you.... those samoan kids can sing! hahah they jazz up all of the primary songs with their sassy voices. Ha! so crack up. But another huge miracle was that a less active member that we have been working with came to church with her daughter!! She told us this past week when we saw her that she has really had a lot of trials come her way since we started visiting her, but also a lot of good things as well. But when i turned and saw that she was walking into the church with her daughter, the sweetest feeling of joy came to my heart! And then when we were sitting in sacrament meeting, i felt prompted to hand her my scritpures during the sacrament, and she started tearing up when she was reading so i hope and pray that she received an answer to prayer!! then as we were sitting there, we both looked at her, and with tears in her eyes, she mouthed, "thank you." These moments make everything worth it. I absolutely love being a missionary.

But I love you all soo much. And i hope you have a great week! It starting to get warmer here.

Sister Alldredge

Flat Sisters

Pizza the young women made for us :)

The Zone

Sisters in the Zone

Sister Costa & Sister Alldredge

Pretty tree

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