Friday, June 19, 2015

FAMILY!!! oh i love being a missionary. it is the best. and it is also the weirdest thing that i am a missionary.... like i have a name tag and everything... what?! :) even though we are in class for like 10 hours a day, it is AMAZING!!! and we only have like 10 minutes to write you today just to tell you i'm alive so im typing as fast as i can but my p-day is tuesday so i will email you then! also.... send me dear elder letters? yes? :) thanks love you.  So my companions are Sister Kunz and Sister Grawrock.  They are awesome and we get along so good! I love my mtc teachers and my district rocks!!! we have us 3 going to Brisbane and then one other elder is going there then 2 elders are going to Jamaica and then the other 2 sisters and 3 elders are going to the arizona mesa mission.  they are so awesome! and we get along great! there is this one samoan elder that talks all the time and has told us like a billion times how he raps and only talks about positive clean stuff. no profanity man.  it cracks me up every time!! he totally thinks he is a gangster, but idk... :) so last night we met with the branch president and had a small testimony meeting which was awesome and then he interviewed us.  after that he assigned two of the elders to be zone leaders and one to be district leader and guess what else, i'm the sister training leader! idk what im doing but it will be good!! so funny story, when i walked in for my interview with the branch pres, the first thing he asks me is," so isnt there a height requirement for missionaries?" he thought that was pretty funny! hahaha also another funny story... so  my mtc teacher said she went to LA spanish speaking so i asked her if she knew parker and she did, then the next day she said she saw him on facebook so she stalked me and stuff and looked and the wedding pictures and was talking about how cute my family was and stuff :) well i love you guys! i love being a missionary! i love the MTC! i will try to send you pictures on tuesday but have a good weekend! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!! 

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